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Hey all, in this update I have to mention the following.


Our YouTube channel just hit 150 subscribers, and we are working really hard to make it the most epic Mario YouTube channel of all. We have loads planned to make this the biggest collection of Mario multimedia on the internet featuring anything from TV adverts, Playthroughs, trailers, guides, secrets from every game and how to do stuff, slide shows of our favourite funny Mario pics, fan made productions using Mario plush and soft toys and a whole lot more.


I have also just finished doing a playthrough of Super Mario RPG as well as most of the special features in the game like the second and third fights with Jinx, how to open Culex's door, challenge him and beat him, cameos from Link and Samus as well as references to Star Wing and F-Zero in Hinopio's shop.


We have passed 4500 Facebook likes since my last post too. So thank you to all of our YouTube and Facebook followers, we have some great stuff in store for you to come.


Also added a few more to the Funny Pictures section, including my top 10 favourite Good Guy Mario meme's, which has proven to be very popular, check it out.


The weakness of the Mario Cat suit is revealed


Stay tuned for more updates, I am currently doing an article featuring more info and news on Super Mario 3D World.


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