RIP Danny Wells, aka Luigi, 72
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Nooo, as if I just got home from work to read that Danny Wells, the gentleman who you may better know as Luigi from the live action sketches of the Super Mario Bros Super Show Cartoon has sadly passed away at 72 years old in his native Montreal, Canada.


This follows the sad passing of his co-star Lou Albano who died at 76 years old in 2009.


Both of these guys will have touched the lives of many people who were growing up in the generation of the Mario Cartoons and many who didn't watch them til later on.


Danny Wells (left) as Luigi, and Lou Albano (right) as Mario in "NEATNESS COUNTS" the first live action sketch of the Super Mario Bros Super Show in 1989.


Very sad indeed. May these two very cool & memorable people rest in peace. Condolences to Dannys family, friends and fans. :-(


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