SM3D World Guide continued, SM64 begins! Backwards or what!
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Hey all,


It's actually been added for a few days but I forgot to let anyone know about it (useful). World 5 complete all green stars and stamps of Super Mario 3D World is now added to our complete Super Mario 3D World guide. Click here to check that out.


We also have new designs on our Google+ page, Twitter page and Facebook page, I thought it was about time they looked a bit prettier, hope you like it!


Super Mario 3D World Guide - all Stamps, Stars and Secrets!


Look out for World 6 of Super Mario 3D World by Sunday 12th of January 2014 too. We'll also be doing a retro guide to all the secrets and stars of the classic Super Mario 64, I'll try and get a video guide up every Wednesday for that!

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