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After a scary week or two with our hosting situation, it looks like were back in business and have a long future ahead of us yet. Our former hosts at its rumoured on the grapevine are gone and are not coming back, which didnt suprise me to hear having not had a response to any of my tickets to them for over half a year. Then trying a new host and not being able to get the database working I was incredibly worried, until I went to yet another new host called Evohosting whose support was second to no ones, the owner a guy by the name of Tim was one of the most helpful people I have ever dealt with online. If you have a website and are looking for a new host I would strongly recommend Evohosting at


All this aside, now that we are back, I am looking to reintroduce something which I once did for my former website which was known as "Super Mario Portal" many years ago - the Mario Encyclopaedia; we were one of the first sites to have this, and I cant believe I haven't put one up already.  It's basically a big database of information on enemies, friends, characters, lands, items and everything else in the Mario universe - it's going to take a long time and be an ongoing project, but I have already got sections for items starting with numbers, the letter A, and I'm working on the entries for B. We finally broke the 550 unique visitors per day barrier today too so that I'm really pleased with, thank you to everyone who visits us - we have a lot more to come, including the introduction of a comics section very soon.


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