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Hey all, this weeks update sees a number of things I'd like to let you know about.


I've got quite a bit to tell you so I've broken it down into categories, Luke is unfortunately still away with some pretty bad RSI, I for one hope it wasn't Mario induced ;-)

I am pretty excited to see the wheels in motion for our first competition on Facebook too, we will be looking to make the site a lot more interactive and engaging for our users in the coming weeks and months for you're enjoyment.


Affiliate news

Help needed

  • We are looking for some elite Mario gamers to work on some LETS PLAY videos for The Mario Bros YouTube Channel so if you got some madskillz to showcase, get in touch on luke AT classic-mario DOT net. I recently tried to beat Special Cup on Mario Kart (SNES) 150cc, and dude am I weak these days, that first track is worse than Rainbow Road.
  • Not only that but we are also looking for Reviewers for the newest and for the upcoming Mario titles, we would need you're work to be exclusive to us though to avoid content duplication issues.
  • Submissions for Fan works such as games, artwork, fiction and comics are open!

New stuff

  • Our game sections for all the newer 3DS and Wii U titles have been added, they are basic for now but we'll add more info as and when its released for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros, Yoshi's New Island, Mario & Sonic at Sochi 2014 Winter Games and of course Super Mario 3D World.
  • NEW section has been added to our FANS section - a voting station so you can have your say on popular Mario issues and debates, we'll also keep a record of all the poll results so you can fight it out on our facebook, g+ or twitter pages if you need to vent about the probable injustice ;-)
  • NEW section has been added to our FANS section - Funny Mario pictures, how I didn't add that a long time ago, I'll never know

Social media update

  • We've finally made it over the 3,500 Facebook likes mark, it didn't look like we ever would but as I write this we're on 3878 likes - Once we hit 4000 likes we will be having our first Facebook giveaway to win a free copy of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
  • We have started up on Fanpop Club for the Super Mario Bros series too, but I don't have much experience in using it, any advice on how to make it popular would be great.

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