7 Little-Known Glitches and Hidden Gems in Super Mario Bros 3
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Are you a colossal fan of Super Mario Bros 3? You’re not alone. Millions consider this game one of their favorites thanks to the superior design and exciting adventures it boasts. But while some people have played this game countless times, very few have noticed it has several glitches and hidden gems. 

So, this article will introduce you to little-known glitches and hidden details in Super Mario 3. If you are a die-hard fan of this game, consider it a must-read. But before diving, note that playing Super Mario exclusively too often can make you lose interest in the game.

To maintain novelty, you must switch to a different one now and then. For instance, after a Super Mario binge, play this iconic bonanza game that keeps people coming back to break the monotony and get massive rewards while at it.

1.   Invisible Mario

Did you know you can make Mario, the infamous video game character, disappear into the scenery and become invisible? All you have to do is stand on any white block or platform and hold down for five seconds. Your character will duck and drop into the background and become invisible!

You can maintain invisibility by heading into the nearest pipe. When Mario emerges on the other side, he’ll still be invisible, especially to his enemies.

2.   Glitching and Walking Through Walls

This is one of those tricks you should try at your own risk. If things go south, your character might get trapped until the timer runs out, which is a bummer. That aside, if you’d like to make Mario glitch through walls, you can make him jump at a specific angle toward a wall. It doesn’t always work, but eventually, it will.

On the other hand, making Mario walk through walls is easy. Once a shell hits a coin block and the latter comes tumbling down, go over it before it returns to its normal state. This action will enable you to freely walk Mario through the walls at the top of the screen.

3.   The White Mushroom Houses

Most players are familiar with the Toad houses found in the Super Mario Bros 3., and rightly so. These structures are often in plain sight, making them impossible to miss. And players who go through them get different perks, including power-ups and extra lives.  

But here’s something most people don’t know. Besides the usually red mushroom houses scattered throughout the game, developers have also included hidden white mushroom houses. You can find them utmost once per world, and when you do, you will be rewarded with fabulous prizes like an Anchor or a P-Wing. Keep an eye out for them!

4.   Mario Swimming in Sand

Nothing can push you faster into a frenzy of button-mashing than when you realize your character is stuck in a patch of quicksand. Yep, it happens. At some point, you’ll forget to gather enough momentum to jump across a sandy chasm and get trapped, which will deter your ability to move or jump. And, if you are not careful, you will sink and fall into a pit.

But don’t worry. You can save Mario from sinking in the sand by swimming through it. It’s easy. Once you get on a sandy terrain, press the running button. Keep them running and jumping until they “swim” through it. If any adversary shows up, jump on their heads and make your way to safety.

5.   The Treasure Ships

Treasure ships are another hidden gem found in Super Mario 3. They resemble airships, except for one crucial difference: they are filled with coins and are yours for the taking. But, before calling your booty, you must defeat 2 Boomerang Bros.

Most avid gamers have never encountered the Treasure Ships in this game. Moreover, many who have discovered the ships stumbled upon them by pure luck. But you can unlock them by ensuring you beat either level 1,3,5, or 6 while your coin total is a multiple of 11. It's challenging but worth it.

6.   Coin Heavens

Coin Heavens are precisely what they sound like splendid areas located in the skies and filled with priceless coins. To access them, you must use specific secret paths or hidden blocks.

The best way to get to a Coin Heaven is by jumping on a Magic Note Block, which will propel your character into a strange Coin Heaven featuring coins and power-ups.

7.   Running in Place

This is one of those Super Mario 3 tricks that won't benefit your character. However, it can be a nice party trick for impressing your friends. Imagine seeing Mario running in place and going nowhere. Sounds hilarious, right?

To make your character run in place, ensure you are in Worlds 1, 2, or 3. Once you get there, crouch on the white block and run behind the blackness. Mario will keep “running in place” until the narrating Toad’s speech reaches the “far away land” part. That is when the glitch will end.

Final Thoughts

Super Mario video games are incredibly popular. Presently, the Super Mario franchise has sold over 160 million games within the last 20 years.

If you are a big fan of Mario, Luigi, and the entire troupe and love playing Super Mario 3, check out the glitches and incredible gems listed here. There are little-known treasures that every dedicated player should know of and guarantee to make your gaming experience livelier.

Happy gaming!

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