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Baby Mario vs. Baby Bowser

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User Rating:  / 2

Story originally submitted to Super Mario Portal on March 16th, 2004 by purpleyoshi55

yoshi: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Nintendoland's Deathmatch arena! Tonight we shall see another exciting match with Baby Mario versus Baby Bowser. We shall see these two youngsters fight to the death!

Luigi: A youngster that starred in Yoshi's Island, Mario Golf, and Mario Tennis, Mario's alter ego, BABY MARIO!

Baby Mario cralls into the arena.

Baby Mario: Goo-goo ga-ga spaghetti!

Crowd: Awwww...

yoshi: And the one who placed the role as the final boss in Yoshi's Island, the one who stole the Super Happy Tree in Yoshi's Story, and caused a lot of trouble in the Mario Party games, BABY BOWSER!

Baby Bowser walks into the arena/

Baby Bowser: Prepare to die Baby Mario once and for all!

Luigi: Let the deathmatch begin!

Baby Mario tries to punch Baby Bowser but falls over. Baby Bowser laughs maliciously and slashes Baby Mario.

Baby Mario: Waaah!

yoshi: This is no time to cry! Come on! You can do it!

Baby Mario stops crying and pounces on Baby Bowser's head.

Baby Bowser: RAW! That hurt! Take this!

Baby Bowser stomps the floor causing an earthquake. Baby Mario dodges the attack and pounces on Baby Bowser's head.

Baby Mario: Yay!

Baby Bowser: Ugh...

yoshi: This match may be over!

Just then, Kamek appears in the crowd.

Kamek: Here Baby Bowser!

Kamek flies above the arena sprinkling colorful dust all over Baby Bowser. Baby Bowser grows into a gigantic Baby Bowser. He is so large that his head smashes the arena roof.

Mario: Shoot! That roof was fixed a few days ago!

Baby Bowser: RAAAWWW!

Baby Bowser shoots a giant fireball at Baby Mario. Baby Mario barely dodges the attack and the fireball leaves a huge crater on the floor.

yoshi: That's not fair!

Luigi: I'm afraid it is. See look at Rule #013! It says that, "Anything Goes!"

yoshi: Well in that case...Baby Mario! Catch this!

yoshi throws Baby Mario a Star. Baby Mario catches it and becomes Super Baby Mario.

Baby Bowser: RAAAWWW!

Baby Bowser shoots another fireball ball but Baby Mario just walks right through it!

Baby Mario: Yay!

Baby Mario jumps high in the air and punches Baby Bowser's face. However, the star power has worn off.

yoshi: Oh no! I'm out of stars!

yoshi:and i can;t lay eggs!

BlueYoshi stands up in the crowd.

BlueYoshi: Here Baby Mario! Use these Yoshi Eggs!

BlueYoshi throws the eggs. Baby Mario catches them and hurls them at Baby Bowser. (He's strong!)

Baby Bowser: OOOWWW!

Baby Bowser shrinks back to his regular form.

yoshi: YES!

Baby Bowser: Darn...

Just then, a bunch of Baby Bowsers appear in the crowd.

Baby Bowsers: You shall not lose! Catch this Bowser Bomb!

yoshi: Bowser Bomb?

Luigi: Thise were in Mario Party 2. They transformed Baby Bowser into a fully grown Bowser!

yoshi: Uh-oh!

The Bowser Bomb explodes on Baby Bowser. When the dust settles, there stands Bowser!

Bowser: RAAAWWW! Time to finish you Baby Mario!

Baby Mario pounces on Bowser's head but it does no good.

Bowser: Feel my hot breath!

Bowser breathes fire all over Baby Mario knocking him out.

Bowser: Gwa, ha, ha! I win!

yoshi: *sigh* Tonight's winner is Baby Bowser, or should I say Bowser. Good night folks...

the crowd leaves crying for poor babymario

yoshi: quick!take him to the healing center!

luigi: its ok bro we will get that mean old bowser. you now are going to nurse speedy the kind yoshi she has someting to help you.

yoshi: yep! its ok shell help you out.....

babymario opens 1 eye and hugs yoshis soft fur.