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Team Luigi (and Mario!)

We currently need help to further establish ourselves as one of the best Super Mario websites on the internet, and we can't do it without you, so check out the list of positions we have available and if you feel that you have the skills/knowledge to help the site grow please send over an application.


Be sure to clearly let us know the following on your application Don't be a Goomba, help us out!

  • Which vacancy you are interested in filling
  • What previous web-based experience you have
  • Have you worked on other sites? did you make your own?
  • What skills or past experience you have which you think would make you good at the position that you are applying for
  • Anything else to support your application

A list of our current vacancies are as below

  • Comic series author - ever thought about publishing your own online comic series, accessible by the world? we are looking for talented comic authors to host on our site.
  • Content development - what're we missing? Do you have ideas for sections we don't have yet which would enhance the site? something random? something fun? we need imaginative content development staff, think its you? Apply today!
  • Information verification - when putting together so much information about such a vast array of games people are bound to make mistakes and miss things out, we need someone to help us with the information verification on the site to check our facts are right, and that our information on everything is as complete as it can be.

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