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Birdo VS. Luigi

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User Rating:  / 2

So the story begins with the gang having a picnic. At this time Birdo is wearing her last bow while her other one is getting washed, and Luigi does soemthing that enrages her: He accidentally splashes Birdo with his tea (the tea was very hot)! Birdo, overcome by the hot tea, realizes her last bow got soaked, and that's when she loses it....


Birdo: LUIGI!! You clumsy idiot!! You ruined my last bow! What do you have to say about that!?

Luigi: It's just a bow, relax, drama queen. It was an accident anyways.

At this point, everyone is stunned and spits out their tea.

Mario: Mamma Mia!

Peach: Oh, my.....

Yoshi: Yoshi!! (WHAT!?)

Daisy: Oh, no he didn't! You gonna take that, Birdo?

Birdo: No way! You better apologize!

Luigi: It's-a just a bow-a, you can-a always get another one-

Birdo: JUST A BOW MY PINK BEHIND! This was my last one, while my others are getting washed, and you just ruined this one! APOLOGIZE!

Luigi: No a-way! Your'e making a big-a deal over a-nothing!

Birdo: All righty, then, HAMMER TIME!!

Luigi: WAHHHH!!!

So Birdo chases Luigi throughout the Mushroom Kingdom, and an interesting conversation goes on between the rest of the group....

Daisy: Yoshi, I think Birdo is a little TOO sensitive.

Yoshi: (glaring at her) YOSHI!! (Don't even go there!!)

Peach: Any other ideas? Luigi should say he's sorry. Birdo can run for quite a while.....

After an hour of chasing, Birdo drops the hammer and starts throwing eggs at Luigi, who gets brutally pelted. And right as she is about to finish him off....

Yoshi: Yoshi! (Break it up! Luigi, say your'e sorry!)

Birdo: Are you gonna apologize, or do I have to break out the egg cannon again?

Luigi: Sorry about your-a bow. It was a mistake really!

Birdo: I accept your apology. I was overreacting. Besides, I have another bow in one of these eggs!

Luigi: What? After all that, you had an extra one?

Birdo: Yes. Is there a problem?

Luigi: Nope. Let's get back to the picnic.

Peach: So, did you squash him?

Birdo: I was throwing eggs at him, but he said sorry and we squashed the feud.

So they go back to enjoying the picnic, knowing that it's never a good idea to anger Birdo, ever.