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We always like to hear from fellow Mario-fans, be it a comment on the site, a torrent of abuse, suggestions or a question related to anything such as the site, Mario, or any of the games. We are however getting pretty high volumes of mails at the moment so help us out by reading our FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page before mailing.

If you've checked out the FAQ and your sure no one on the forum can help then please contact us using the addresses given below, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Mario game questions -

Site issues -


What we will not respond to:-

  • Requests for ROMS or other illegal or "questionable" material

  • Your typing is of a standard so bad we cant read it

  • We also ask that all requests where possible are sent in English, as unfortunately no one on the team at the moment can speak anything else, except Luke who can order a sandwich in Spanish, but there's only so far that will go to helping...

  • Mails asking for replies to past mails, if we didn't reply, it's because we haven't got round to it yet; we all (unfortunately) have full time jobs when not running the site!

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