Desktop Wallpaper from Super Mario Games on the Nintendo 64
Desktop Wallpaper Nintendo 64


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Welcome to TheMarioBros collection of Desktop Wallpapers from Mario Games on the Nintendo 64, consisting of loads of high quality desktop wallpaper by Nintendo, in resolutions from 640x480 to 1920x1200 - we have also tried to accommodate resolutions that may be in use by people with widescreen monitors and iPhones etc.


If you have any wallpapers we are missing please do send them in, it doesn't have to be an official Nintendo wallpaper either, the work of fans is always more than welcome.


Super Mario 64

Title Resolution Size
Bowser / Mario 800x600 113kb
Bowser / Mario 1024x768 79kb

Mario Kart 64

Title Resolution Size
Scene 800x600 96kb
Scene 1024x768 64kb

Mario Party

Title Resolution Size
Donkey Kong 800x600 167kb
Donkey Kong 1024x768 115kb
Luigi 800x600 117kb
Luigi 1024x768 84kb
Mario Party 800x600 89kb
Mario Party 1024x768 61kb
Group 800x600 129kb
Group 1024x768 116kb
Peach 800x600 137kb
Peach 1024x768 81kb
Wario 800x600 119kb
Wario 1024x768 86kb
Yoshi 800x600 128kb
Yoshi 1024x768 78kb

Mario Party 2

Title Resolution Size
Luigi / Bowser 800x600 113kb
Luigi / Bowser 1024x768 112kb
Mario Party 2 800x600 155kb
Mario Party 2 1024x768 170kb
Mario / Wario 800x600 132kb
Mario / Wario 1024x768 113kb

Mario Party 3

Title Resolution Size
Mario 800x600 170kb
Mario 1024x768 242kb
Mario Party 3 800x600 193kb
Mario Party 3 1024x768 374kb
Mario Party 3 (2) 800x600 235kb
Mario Party 3 (2) 1024x768 335kb

Mario Party 4

Title Resolution Size
Avalanche 800x600 157kb
Avalanche 1024x768 135kb
Butterfly 800x600 102kb
Butterfly 1024x768 154kb
Daisy 800x600 161kb
Daisy 1024x768 244kb
Donkey Kong 800x600 171kb
Great Deflate 800x600 85kb
Great Deflate 1024x768 131kb
Group 1 1024x768 165kb
Group 2 800x600 106kb
Group 2 1024x768 156kb
Hosts 800x600 167kb
Hosts 1024x768 251kb
Luigi 800x600 138kb
Luigi 1024x768 209kb
Mario 800x600 135kb
Mario 1024x768 206kb
Mario Party 4 800x600 174kb
Mario Party 4 1024x768 144kb
Mario Party 4 (2) 800x600 189kb
Mario Party 4 (2) 1024x768 436kb
Peach 800x600 145kb
Peach 1024x768 220kb
Waluigi 800x600 163kb
Waluigi 1024x768 246kb
Wario 800x600 137kb
Wario 1024x768 207kb
Yoshi 800x600 149kb
Yoshi 1024x768 225kb

Paper Mario

Title Resolution Size
Paper Mario 800x600 106kb
Paper Mario 1024x768 194kb
Paper Mario (2) 800x600 109kb
Paper Mario (2) 1024x768 155kb

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Title Resolution Size
Characters 800x600 183kb
Characters 1024x768 188kb
Characters (2) 800x600 241kb
Characters (2) 1024x768 174kb

Yoshi's Story

Title Resolution Size
Yoshi's 800x600 256kb
Yoshi's 1024x768 238kb
Yoshi's (2) 800x600 199kb

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