Donkey Kong (NES) Artwork, Concept Art of Jumpman, Pauline and DK
Rendered Artwork

Donkey Kong logo small

More information about Donkey Kong for the NES


You can click for full size versions where available!


Concept Art for Donkey Kong Walking

Concept Art of Donkey Kong


Concept Art for Mario

Concept Art of Jump Man


Concept Art for Pauline

Concept Art of Jumpman's girlfriend; Pauline.


Donkey Kong Throwing Barrel

Donkey Kong, throwing a barrel, from the games artwork.


Donkey Kong throwing barrel on Mario

An artwork of Donkey Kong hurling barrells at a rather sinister looking Jump Man; as Pauline watches on in horror.


Mario with raised finger

Jump Man from the front box cover

Donkey Kong throwing barrel again

Donkey Kong and Pauline

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