Easy Ways to Breathe New Life Into Playing Games
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Playing classic video games is the sort of hobby that can be incredibly good fun at any time. Yet, might you eventually get fed up with playing the same titles over and over again?

Super Mario has been around since 1985 and is still hugely enjoyable to play. There is no reason to stop playing it now but there are some interesting new approaches you might want to consider to breathe extra life into your playing time.

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Play Other Retro Games Too
The recent return of classic retro games has been a genuine success story. While Mario has remained constantly popular, other characters and titles from the past had slowly slipped into oblivion over the years, as newer games over-took them.

Yet, the growing popularity of retro gaming consoles has seen us remember the pleasures of years gone by. The Super NES Classic, the Retro-cade and the Atari Flashback make it easy to rediscover the games that once enthralled us. The Legend of Zelda, old FIFA football games and Sonic the Hedgehog are among the best retro titles.

You can also look at slots games inspired by old-time characters from games, cartoon and movies. This brings an intriguing twist to the likes of Pac-man, Thundercats, The Flintstones and Tomb Raider. The BonusCA site shows how sites such as Guts Casino and LeoVegas let you play with bonus money.

Try Speedrunning
Are you so good at Super Mario games now that there feel likes little challenge left in it for you? This is perfectly normal if you have been playing it for years. However, you can still make this gaming classic feel fresh and exciting all over again.

Speedrunning is the art of completing a game as quickly as humanly possible. A record was recently set on New Super Mario Bros by a gamer called MyLittleWalrus. He finished the whole game without power-ups in an astonishing 30 minutes 37 seconds.
Gamers will often film their attempts and make the results available on YouTube or Twitch. If you think that you are good enough then why not aim for a new world record on your favourite game?

"Mario is Heading to Apple’s iOS in Super" (CC BY 2.0) by BagoGames

Play One-Handed
Ok, so what if you have played these games so much that you need an even bigger challenge? Well, did you know that you can play Super Mario one-handed? This is a fun way of making life more difficult for yourself.

The simplest way of doing this is on a mobile device. Nintendo made a big fuss a while ago about people finally being able to play the Android and iOS versions of their timeless game. If you haven’t yet tried Super Mario Run on your mobile then now is a good time to do so.

You can also try playing one-handed on a console. However, this is a lot more difficult to do. You are going to have to practise regularly to be able to do this to a decent standard. Of course, this is part of the fun of playing one-handed.
If you want to carry on getting hours of pleasure out of gaming it is easy to do. You will discover that there are some terrific ways of making gaming as exciting as the first time that you tried it.

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