Game & Watch Gallery 2 Cheats & Tips (Game Boy Color)

Game & Watch Gallery 2 (GameBoy) - Cheats & Tips

You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Game & Watch Gallery 2 GBC


Barrel Trick
When you're playing Donkey Kong (on modern) you can avoid some barrels with careful timing. If you're directly under a pipe when a barrel is coming down it, you can jump up through the pipe and if you do it right you'll come out unharmed.


Change border
Pause the game and press B.


Classic Ball
Collect 10 stars. Classic Ball variations may be earned by collecting additional stars.


Collect 50 stars to see the credits. To view them again, hold d-pad Down and press A at the Gallery screen.


Gallery windows
Collect stars to open Gallery windows such as Oil Panic (20 stars) and Spit Ball Sparky (80 stars).

Green House
Collect 30 stars.


Life Boat
Collect 40 stars.

Modern Ball
Collect 5 stars.


Oil Panic
Collect 20 stars.


Open Museum
Collect 10 stars. (Note: The museum unlocks the Music room.)


Play as Wario in Helmet
In the Helmet game, play on easy. Lose all of your lives before you reach 100 points. Once the game over screen comes up, select Retry. Instead of having Mario as the person you control, you have Wario!


Rain Shower
Collect 70 stars.


Reset Cartridge Memory
To reset the cartridge memory press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right at the main screen.

Star mode
Score 1,000 points in Modern mode. To access Star mode, select it at the Mode selection screen.

Score 200 points in a game to earn a star.

Tropical Fish
Collect 60 stars.

Unlock Soundstation
To unlock the soundstation get 6 stars and then Toadstool will ask you to use it.

View cast
Collect 120 stars to see the cast. To view them again, hold d-pad Up and press A at the Gallery screen.


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