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@ZeldaChronicles Hey ZC, you around? I'd like to talk to you if poss :-D
#Yoshi's Cookie #retro review by MathGrant. Loved this! #Yoshi
When #Mario was still Missing on the #SNES. And still no one was happy about the situation.
A retro gaming guide for #SuperMarioLand on the #Gameboy by Benni Castellanos.

Living Legend movie

LIVING LEGEND is a short, live-action fan film written/produced by Jonathan Grace and directed/produced by Dan Clifton. Please visit our kickstarter page to lend your support. We can't do this without you!


Living legend characters Mark, Marks Girlfriend and Lou

Concept Art of Mark; Mario's son (left), Mark's Girlfriend (centre) and his brother Lou (right).


About the project

"We're creating a short, live-action fan film based in the world of Super Mario Bros., arguably the most recognized video game franchise in the world. In taking what Bourne did to the spy genre and The Dark Knight did to the superhero genre, we're introducing a dark, grounded, visceral take on a property we've all grown to love. We've taken the legend and mythology and twisted it, setting it in a modern, broken city with believably complex characters.

There's a reason we sometimes refer to this project as "Super Mario: The Next Generation"... because this isn't directly about Mario. It's about his son, Mark. Our story picks up 20+ years after his legendary father rescued the Princess in the 1980s. Years after the quests and adventures, worlds away from the castles and moats, Mark lives with his working class family in Brooklyn during a time where survival is a daily struggle. He's volatile, passionate, and a petty criminal who's constantly searching for his place in life until one night when life catches up with him. His girlfriend is kidnapped. With the love of his life taken, Mark rallies his brother, Lou, and degenerate group of friends to get her back. At all costs. But is this history repeating itself? Are legends born or made? Either way... This isn't a game anymore."


The Story and casting information for Living Legend


Concept Art for the Living Legend Movie by Vivian Quaid


Mario, the son of Super Mario

Mark, Mario's son.


Alyson, Marks girlfriend

Alyson, Mark's girlfriend, aka the Princess?


Lou, Marks brother

Lou, Mark's brother.


An experienced and passionate team are working hard on the production of Living Legend





A little more on the characters


Mark and Lou, the next generation heros of Mario and Luigi

Mark (left) and Lou (right) - Mario's sons. Mark is the main protagonist and Lou is his brother much like in the videogames.


Alyson and Todd, the real world versions of The Princess and Toad

Alyson (left) is Marks girlfriend, much as Princess would have "sort of" been Mario's in the games. Todd (right) I can only guess is going to be the equivalent to Toad.


Kevin Yoshimi is the real world version of Yoshi from the Super Mario videogames

Kevin Yoshimi, referred to so far by the creators of this project only as "the friend", this character I imagine will be to Mark, as Yoshi is to Mario in the videogames.


It is said in official writings about this project that the characters featured within it will be recognisable by traits and mannerisms as the characters we know and love from the games but they will be adapted to "real world" versions as opposed to the heroes we know from the Mushroom Kingdom.


As pure speculation from my own part, I'd be very interested to hear if Mark and Lou's uncle was going to be paying a visit...


Media from Living Legend including artwork, movie poster and a teaser trailer


Living legend movie poster

The official movie poster for Living Legend



Living Legend Teaser trailer


Living Legend Movie panel tag

Concept Art: Mark lying unconscious and left for dead in an alley



If you like the idea of this project, please help by spreading the word by sharing this page using any of the buttons below.