Mario is Missing, a Super Nintendo Playthrough
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We all remember the SNES version of Mario is Missing right? It's SMW style graphics and sound/music - how promising did it look until you actually played it!?  The little intro was reasonably good for an oldschool Mario game, you can see that below.


Mario is Missing (SNES) Intro


Mario is Missing - The first level - Rome, Italy.


I had some difficulty the first couple of times I played this in actually having a clue what was going on or what I was meant to be doing, upon finally working this out 10 years later I decided to dish out some punishment to myself and play this game all the way through. I recorded playthroughs of every level (City) separately just incase someone is sick enough to actually watch them. Why? Because as much as its not very good; its a Mario game, and I am now starting a project to play-through all Mario titles from the very oldest to the very newest (Any help appreciated - .


You can check out the full playthrough at our Mario is Missing (SNES) Playthrough page.

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