Mario Kart 7 (3DS) Artwork including Karts, Kart bodies, characters & more
Rendered Artwork

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Kart bodies

B Dasher

The B Dasher Karts body.


Barrel Train

The Barrell Train - DK's Kart

Blue Seven

The Blue Seven Kart body.


Bolt Buggy

The Bolt Buggy's kart body.


Bumble V

The Bumble V Kart body.


Cact X

The Cact X Kart Body


Cloud 9

Lakitu's "Cloud 9" Kart body... does this still count as a kart?


Egg Body

The Egg Karts Body.

The Parade Kart Body

The Parade Karts Body


The Growlster Kart Body


Koopa Clown

The Koopa Clown body, based on Bowsers Clown flyer from Super Mario World.


Pipe Frame

The Pipe Frame kart body.


Royal Ribbon

The Royal Ribbon Kart body.


Soad Jet

The Soad Jet Kart Body.


Tiny Tug

The Tiny Tug Kart Body.


Toad Standard Kart

The body for Toad's standard Kart.


The Zucchini Kart body.



Beast Glider

The Beast Glider


Flower Glider

The Flower Glider


Golden Glider

The Golden Glider



The Paraglider


Peach Parasol

The Peach Parasol



The Superglider



The Swoop Glider. Looks like a Swooper from Super Mario World!


Group artwork


Mario,Bowser and Luigi

Mario, Luigi and Bowser racing it out. Well Bowser & Mario racing it out, Luigi hovering about just behind them!


Bowser and Luigi racing on Toad Circuit

Mario, Luigi and Bowser racing it out. Well Bowser & Mario racing it out, Luigi hovering about just behind them! Alternate background version.


Mario Bowser Peach Luigi Yoshi Donkey Kong and Lakitu on Toad Circuit

A group race scene in Mario Kart 7.




A Banana Peel.



A Blooper, ink on the screen, nearly as annoying as a blue shell to someone whose always in first!


Bob Omb Walking

Bob-omb striding proudly, to its and undoubtedly someone elses demise.


Bullet Bill

A Bullet Bill.


Fire Flower

The Fire Flower Powerup.


Golden Mushroom

The Golden Multi-Boost Mushroom.

Green Shell

A Green Shell, the staple projectile of the Mario Kart series.


item Box

A Question block containing items and powerups.


A Lightning Bolt, Great for one, Bad for many.

Lucky 7

The 7 from the Mario Kart 7 logo represents the Lucky 7 powerup.

Red Shell

The Red Shell Heatseeker projectile.

Spiny Shell

The Blue Shell, the bane of successful racers.


The Star of Invincibility.


Super Leaf

The Super Leaf Powerup.

Super Mushroom

The Super Mushroom Boost power up

Thunderbolt With Light Around It

The Lighting Bolt strikes fear into the heart of everyone, except those who wield it!

Triple Bananas

The treble Banana powerup.

Triple Green Shell

The Treble Green Shell powerup.

Triple Mushrooms

The treble boost powerup.

Triple Red Shells

The treble green shell, for three times the terror.


Other/Misc artwork



A wrench.



Yoshi Driving Kart

Yoshi driving the Bumble V, wielding a red shell.

Bowser Driving Kart

Bowser on his quad bike

Honey Queen and her Bumble V

Honey Queen and her Bumble V Kart.


Koopa Troopa and his standard kart

Koopa Troopa with his standard kart with off road wheels.

Lakitu and his standard kart

Lakitu and his standard kart. Is he waving or saluting?

Lakitu on cloud

Yep, Lakitu appears to be saluting.

Luigi Holding Wrench and Other Tools Luigi and his Bolt Buggy kart
Luigi carrying lots of nuts, bolts and a wrench Luigi arriving at his kart with the nuts and bolts

Donkey Kong preparing to throw a Spiny Shell


Donkey Kong holding Monster tires
DK about to throw a blue shell DK showing his strength
Luigi with a Tanooki tailed kart Mario and his standard kart
Luigi with the Super Leaf powerup Mario holding a wrench
Princess Peach next to the car  
Peach next to her kart, waving a pink and white flag  

Luigi gliding through the air

Luigi looks down whilst mid flight and looks unnerved.

Mario driving underwater

Mario demonstrating his standard karts underwater ability.


Mario gliding in air

Mario looks confident as he steers his kart mid-glide!


Mario in his standard kart

Mario driving his standard kart.


Mario preparing to use a Fireball

Mario throwing a fireball from atop his offroader. I wonder who the lucky victim is!

Metal Mario and his B Dasher

Metal Mario standing next to his B Dasher kart.


Metal Mario leaning on a tires

Metal Mario touches his cap and leans against some tires, all cool and stuff.


Mii ready to drive in the standard kart

A Mii character in their own kart, celebrating.


Princess Daisy and her Birthday Girl

Princess Daisy next to her Kart smiling


Princess Peach with glider

Princess Peach gliding in her kart.

Rosalina and her Birthday Girl

Rosalina looking calm and composed next to her signature kart.


Shy Guy and his standard kart

Shy Guy next to his kart. Wiping the sweat from his brow after a tough day at the races.


Toad and his standard kart

Toad with some patented Mario Kart series barrels pummelling him next to his kart.


Toad carrying some stacked oil drums

Toad with some patented Mario Kart series barrels pummelling him, his kart has flown the koop.


Wario lounging

Wario lying down posing, nice gut.



A Very Very Tall wiggler, trying to master the art of standing upright.


Wiggler and his standard kart

Wiggler next to his/her/its kart with offroad wheels.


Yoshi in the Bumble V

Yoshi in the Bumble V Kart.

Yoshi next to the Bumble V Yoshi with a tire and traffic cones
Yoshi next to the Bumble V with a road cone Yoshi balances a road cone on his backside.

Supporting Characters and Extras

Fishin Lakitu

Lakitu, the race official with his signature traffic lights.



Mushroom Wheel

The Mushroom Wheel. Soft Tire.


Red Monster

The Red Monster off road tyre.



The roller tire.



The Slick Tyres.


Sponge Wheel

Sponge Wheel Tire


Standard Wheel

The Standard Tire.


Wood Wheel

Wooden Tire... is it still a tire if its wooden?



 Honey Queens Bumble V

Honey Queens Bumble V

 Lakitus standard kart

The standard Kart in Lakitu's design

 Metal Marios B Dasher

Metal Mario's B Dasher Kart

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