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#Yoshi's Cookie #retro review by MathGrant. Loved this! #Yoshi
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A retro gaming guide for #SuperMarioLand on the #Gameboy by Benni Castellanos.

Mario Kart 8, in all its critically acclaimed glory speeds into games rooms, living rooms and bedrooms across the globe tomorrow!

Baby Peach, Baby Daisy and Baby Rosalina are ready to race in Mario Kart 8 tomorrow, are you? 


Is it a large bee? is it the neighbours cutting the grass? No, its the not so distant echo of Karts readying to race! the wait is almost over. Mario Kart 8 will be released to the masses tomorrow and by the reviews its one of the most critically acclaimed in the series to date.


The Wii U's Kart in shining armor? very possibly... it should be very interesting to see how much Wii U sales will spike as a result of this release. The full statement from Nintendo, and what I expect will probably be their final pre-release announcement is below:-


Tomorrow, 30th May, the highly-acclaimed Mario Kart 8 releases exclusively on Wii U, bringing family and friends together once more for some high-octane kart racing, whether taking place in the confines of a living room or online with other racers from across the globe. With crisp HD graphics, a live orchestrated soundtrack, and a new antigravity course mechanic that allows competitors to race up walls and along ceilings, Mario Kart newcomers and veterans alike are set for a challenge!

Reviews have been pouring in for Mario Kart 8, with critics unanimous in their praise for the eighth instalment in the series:

  • Edge, 9 out of 10 – “The greatest Mario Kart yet.”
  •, 10 out of 10 - "Mario Kart 8 is a rare thing, then: the best entry in the series and the most exciting yet."
  • The Sun, 10 out of 10 – “Quite simply Mario Kart 8 is the best racing game of any console, bar none.”
  • Huffington Post, 5 out of 5 – “This is a classic video game, one of the very, very best.”
  • Metro, 9 out of 10 – “The best Mario Kart has ever been, with a near perfect blend of features and frequently astonishing visuals.”

In Mario Kart 8, get ready to rev your engine and take on racers from across the globe, with up to 12 players able to race or battle online, as long as everyone has the game and a broadband Internet connection. Players also can create public or private tournaments for which they specify the day of the week, the time and the rules. Per tradition, players will be able to race against ghost data from friends or even the top 10 worldwide racers. With the new Mario Kart TV feature, players can even watch their Highlight Reels, rewind them, play them in slow motion or share it with other players. Players with Google accounts can also upload their reels directly to their YouTube channels to show off their slick racing moves.

In preparation for the game’s much-anticipated release tomorrow, a new Mario Kart TV web service optimised for smart devices – - has launched today, offering fans the chance to check out Mario Kart TV Highlight Reels and global Time Trial data on the go. While the service can be accessed by anyone, those with a registered Nintendo Network ID (NNID) will be able to log in and use to watch Highlight Reels created by friends as well as videos of tournaments they’re participating in. Users with a registered NNID can also access their personal Time Trial data to see how they fare on each course in comparison to their friends, as well as looking at the best course times from across the globe to aim towards being the fastest racer in the Mushroom Kingdom! For more details on this new service, please visit the following link via a PC or mobile device browser:

As a reminder, fans looking to pick up Mario Kart 8 from tomorrow can also get their hands on a Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition software bundle, which comes complete with a Spiny Shell Collector’s Item alongside a physical copy of the game. The Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition software bundle is available to pre-order while stocks last. Meanwhile the release of the Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack – Special Edition Wii U hardware bundle will accompany the launch of the game on 30th May, complete with a black Wii U Premium console with 32GB* of storage packaged alongside a black Wii U GamePad controller, Sensor Bar, and the all-important Mario Kart 8 game disc.

On top of that, anyone who registers the PIN code for Mario Kart 8 in Club Nintendo between 10:00 (UK time) on May 30th and 23:59 (UK time) on July 31st, can claim a free download code for one of a selection of great Wii U games in the Mario Kart 8 Bonus Game Promotion!


Which of the free games will you be choosing? you have a choice of ten in Europe and four in the U.S and Canada - Kinda stuck between Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate, Pikmin and Zelda myself!! The choice of four might actually have been easier!


Don't forget to register your interest for the first of our Mario Kart 8 tournaments on our forum.


From the look of those review scores, this game has a lot to live up to - lets hope its as good as it sounds!


Well, assuming my Nintendo UK Store order actually arrives tomorrow I'll see you on the tracks this weekend and for now I'll leave you with one final look at the New Challengers Trailer:-



About the author
Luke Hackett
Author: Luke HackettEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Luke is the webmaster of SLB. He has been eating Mushrooms and smashing blocks since he was 7. When not saving the Mushroom Kingdom he can be found in Azeroth "pwning".