Mario Kart: Super Circuit (Game Boy Advance) Artwork including characters, karts and items.
Rendered Artwork

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Character Artwork

Bowser Driving Kart

Bowser raising his fist menacingly.


Donkey Kong Driving Kart

Donkey Kong gives the thumbs up, but is not watching the road. Tsk Tsk


Group art of all playable characters

The Racers, Group Shot incl Mario, Wario, Toad, DK, Bowser, Luigi and Peach.


Luigi Driving Kart

Luigi, probably ridin' dirty in his kart.


Mario Driving Kart

Mario in his kart, with obligatory crest to show how elite he is.


Mario Driving Kart

Mario, sporting a rather out of character deadly look.

Peach Driving Kart

Peach taking a leisurely drive in her kart.

Mario And Bowser Arguing

Mario and Bowser going head to head in battle mode!

Peach Driving Kart

Peach looks a bit alarmed, I guess I would too if a giant reptile was driving a kart behind me!

Toad Driving Kart

Toad appears to be giving everything his got to steer his kart, guess it doesn't have power-steering?

Angry Wario Driving Kart

Wario is not receptive to safe driving, and has a grand total of zero hands on the wheel. There is no way thats safe.

Yoshi Driving Kart

Yoshi shows the Peace symbol as he cruises on by.



Boo Item Box
Boo Question Block
Spiny Shell Super Mushroom
Blue Shell Mushroom

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