[WAV] Mario Kart Wii sound effects and voice samples
Sound effects / music

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Voice Samples and Sound effects from Mario Kart Wii

A collection of WAV format sound effects from Mario Kart Wii which you can download or play online featuring voice samples from lots of characters!


  Title   File size
  Babydaisy Baby daisy   31K
  Babydaisy go   18K
  Babydaisy go go   30K
  Babydaisy go go go   32K
  Babydaisy hm hmm   29K
  Babydaisy red team   41K
  Babydaisy yay   39K
  Babyluigi Baby luigi   32K
  Babyluigi blue team   38K
  Babyluigi go red team   40K
  Babyluigi heheheh   26K
  Babyluigi lets ago   27K
  Babyluigi okie dokie   25K
  Babyluigi something   26K
  Babyluigi vroom   45K
  Babymario Baby mario   35K
  Babymario Baby time   34K
  Babymario go red team   39K
  Babymario lets go   29K
  Babymario lets go blue   44K
  Babymario oh yeah   28K
  Babymario okie dokie   27K
  Babymario woo hoo   24K
  Babypeach Baby peach   38K
  Babypeach lets go   28K
  Babypeach okay   40K
  Babypeach yaha   28K
  Babypeach yahoo   31K
  Babypeach yeah   21K
  Birdo 1   25K
  Birdo 2   25K
  Birdo 4   48K
  Bowser 1   37K
  Bowser 3   33K
  Bowser 4   38K
  Bowser 5   29K
  Bowser 6   44K
  Bowser Jr 1   26K
  Bowser Jr 2   29K
  Daisy all right   24K
  Daisy blue team   30K
  Daisy blue teams the best   42K
  Daisy lets go   37K
  Daisy oh yeah   32K
  Daisy woohoo   22K
  Daisy yahoo   25K
  Daisy yeah   19K
  Daisy yeah daisy   35K
  Daisy yeah red team   39K
  Donkey Kong 1   16K
  Donkey Kong 2   6.8K
  Donkey Kong 3   21K
  Donkey Kong 4   43K
  Donkey Kong 5   37K
  Donkey Kong 6   35K
  Donkey Kong 7   27K
  Funky 1   23K
  Funky 2   32K
  Funky 3   20K
  Funky 4   25K
  Funky 5   27K
  Funky 6   48K
  kboo 1   29K
  kboo 2   29K
  kboo 3   30K
  Luigi blue team yeah   47K
  Luigi lets go   29K
  Luigi luigi time   35K
  Luigi oh yeah   24K
  Luigi oh yeah luigi   40K
  Luigi okie dokie   34K
  Luigi red team   51K
  Luigi wow nice   32K
  Luigi yeah   26K
  Mario go red team   42K
  Mario here we go   32K
  Mario lets go   32K
  Mario mario time   33K
  Mario oh yeah blue team   38K
  Mario okie dokie   30K
  Mario something   38K
  Peach letsgo   28K
  Peach okay   21K
  Peach Peach   18K
  Peach yay for blueteam   46K
  Rosalina blue teams the best   54K
  Rosalina laugh   28K
  Rosalina lets go   26K
  Rosalina oh right   39K
  Rosalina okay   28K
  Rosalina red teams the best   58K
  Rosalina yes   19K
  Toad gogo blueteam   32K
  Toad ok   21K
  Toad yah   18K
  Toad yeah red team   38K
  Toad yeow   22K
  Troopakoopa 1   13K
  Troopakoopa 3   14K
  Troopkoopa 2   12K
  Wauigi come on red team   44K
  Wauigi hehe yeah   41K
  Wauigi here we go   34K
  Wauigi oh yeah   36K
  Wauigi time   47K
  Wauigi Wauigi   36K
  Wauigi were gonna win   42K
  Wario blue team hehehe   46K
  Wario im gonna win   35K
  Wario its a win   34K
  Wario its me   45K
  Wario lets ago   35K
  Wario oh yeah red team   46K
  Wario Wario great   35K
  Wario Wariotime   38K
  Yoshi 1   32K
  Yoshi 2   27K
  Yoshi 3   25K
  Yoshi 4   24K
  Yoshi 5   24K
  Yoshi 6   32K

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