[WAV] Mario & Luigi: BIS II (Nintendo DS) sound effects
Sound effects / music

Voice Samples & Sound effects



Mario and Luigi

Title File size
ehee, hohoo 35K
lets-a-go, okey doke 50K
lets-a-go, okey doke 43K
ohh yeah 27K


Mario (Echo inside caves, underground etc.)

Title File size
I got it 34K
angry1 68K
angry2 50K
eek 20K
ehee 38K
hm 29K
hmm 33K
hmmm 51K
hublblblbl 38K
lets-a-go1 54K
lets-a-go2 30K
lets-a-go3 51K
lucky 28K
luigi1 40K
luigi2 32K
luigiiii 42K
mama mia (down'd) 87K
mama mia (shocked) 43K
mama mia 55K
mhm 28K
nooo 36K
ohh 38K
ohhhh 55K
ohhhhhh 58K
ohhh hohoho1 47K
ohhh hohoho2 42K
oh no 47K
oh yeah1 40K
oh yeah2 25K
sigh 53K
talking1 59K
talking2 83K
talking3 127K
talking4 56K
talking5 104K
wah 20K
wahoo 37K
whoa 23K
whoaaa 34K
whoha 19K
yah 21K



Title File size
I got it 25K
angry1 59K
angry2 41K
eek 11K
ehee 29K
hm 20K
hmm 24K
hmmm 42K
hublblblbl 29K
lets-a-go1 45K
lets-a-go2 24K
lets-a-go3 42K
lucky 19K
luigi1 31K
luigi2 23K
luigiiiiiii 33K
mama mia (down'd) 78K
mama mia (shocked) 34K
mama mia 46K
mhm 19K
nintendo 89K
nooo 27K
ohhh 29K
ohhhhh 46K
ohhhhhhhhhh 49K
ohhhohohoh1 33K
ohhhohohoh2 39K
ohh yeah 31K
oh no 38K
oh yeah 16K
sigh 44K
talking1 50K
talking2 74K
talking3 118K
talking4 47K
talking5 95K
wah 12K
wahoo 28K
whoa 14K
whoaaaa 26K
whohoa 10K
yah 12K



Title File size
Alpha Kretin 47K
Bowser growing giant 232K
Dark Fawful laugh 149K
Dr. Toadly 39K
Emoglobin 12K
Evoglobin 31K
Fawful Theater key 81K
Little Toad 15K
Princess Lipid 52K


Peach (Echo inside caves, underground ect.)

Title File size
ahhhhh 41K
ahhhhhhhhhh 65K
eyahhh 31K
help me 32K
laugh 29K
luigi1 37K
luigi2 34K
luigi3 53K
mario1 32K
mario2 35K
mario3 39K
no 26K
nooo 55K
oh 38K
ohhh 25K
thank you 37K
thank you luigi 49K
thank you mario 43K



Title File size
ahhhhhh 32K
ahhhhhhhhhh 57K
eyahhh 22K
help me 23K
laugh 20K
luigi1 28K
luigi2 25K
luigi3 44K
mario1 23K
mario2 27K
mario3 31K
no 17K
nooo 46K
oh 25K
ohh 16K
thank you 28K
thank you luigi 40K
thank you mario 34K


Shy Guys

Title File size
pushing1 8.0K
pushing2 12K


Toad (Echo inside caves, underground etc.)

Title File size
eh 16K
huh 29K
wah 24K
yay 42K



Title File size
eh 7.5K
huh 20K
wah 15K
yay 33K


Yoshi (unused)

Title File size
awowowowow 31K
hah 4.2K
hurrrrrgh 41K
hurrrrrrrgh 27K
huuh 4.5K
spit 3.2K
tounge 2.8K
yoshi 25K

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