Mario Party 3 (Nintendo 64)
Mario Party 3

Release dates

Australia Unconfirmed
Europe November 16th, 2001
Japan December 7th, 2000
N.America May 7th, 2001


General information

Platform: Nintendo 64

Developed by Hudson Soft

Published by Nintendo

Players: 1-4



Overview / Mini-Game List

A party bigger than ever! Mario and his pals are back for some more fun. And this time its more fun than ever before. Play with your friends with over 70 all-new mini games! and new characters!

The story behind Mario Party 3

A Star is Born: In the centre of the vast universe, a remarkably bright star was born. It was the star that is born only once in a thousand years, the Millennium Star. According to the legend, whoever possessed the mystical star was destined to become the Superstar of the universe. However since the Millennium Star was but a newborn, it fell from the starry sky. Around that time, Mario and his friends were all happily relaxing when suddenly the Millennium Star came crashing down.


Mario and his friends soon began arguing about who should keep the Millennium Star. Suddenly, the Millennium Star gave off a brilliantly bright flash of light. And with that bright flash, Mario and his friends were transported into a toy box! "Greetings. I am the Millennium Star. You must pass my test to prove yourself worthy of possessing me. You must journey across many lands and collect the Star Stamps. If you can collect all seven, I shall accept you as the top Superstar in the universe." Who will collect the seven Star Stamps and become the universe's top Superstar?

Mario Party 3 is made up of seventy-one Mini-Games in total comprising; twenty x four player Mini-Games, ten three-on-one Mini-Games, ten two-on-two Mini-Games, ten duel Mini-Games, eight battle Mini-Games, six Item Mini-Games and three rare Mini-Games.


Four player Mini-Games

Treadmill Grill

Ice Rink Risk

Parasol Plummet

Messy Memory

Picture Imperfect

M.P. I.Q.

Curtain Call

Cheep Cheep Chase

Snowball Summit

Toadstool Titan

Aces High

Bounce 'n' Trounce

Chip Shot Challenge

Mario's Puzzle Party

The Beat Goes On

Water Whirled

Frigid Bridges

Awful Tower

Pipe Cleaners

Rockin' Raceway


Duel Mini-Games
Vine With Me

Popgun Pick-Off

End of the Line

Baby Bowser Bonkers

Silly Screws

Crowd Cover

Tick Tock Hop

Bowser Toss

Motor Rooter

Fowl Play


Item Mini-Games

Winner's Wheel

Hey, Batter, Batter!

Bobbing Bow-loons

Dorrie Dip

Swinging with Sharks

Swing 'n' Swipe

Three on one Mini-Games

Coconut Conk

Spotlight Swim

Boulder Ball

Crazy Cogs

Hide and Sneak

River Raiders

Tidal Toss

Hand, Line and Sinker

Ridiculous Relay

Thwomp Pull


Two on two Mini-Games

Eatsa Pizza

Baby Bowser Broadside

Cosmic Coaster

Puddle Paddle

Log Jam

Pump, Pump and Away

Hyper Hydrants

Picking Panic

Etch 'n' Catch

Slot Synch


Battle mini-games

Stacked Deck

Three Door Monty


Slap Down

Locked Out

All Fired Up

Storm Chasers

Eye Sore


Rare Mini-Games

Stardust Battle

Dizzy Dinghies

Mario's Puzzle Party Pro


Interesting Facts

  • The only Mario Party not to feature a Bowser themed board anywhere throughout.

  • The final Mario game to show the Princesses in their full classic dress

  • The introduction to the Mario Party series of Waluigi and Princess Daisy.

  • Snifit appears on the N64 platform for the first time

  • The third game that Princess Daisy has appeared in

  • The second game that Waluigi has appeared in

  • Mario Party 3 was the final Mario party game on the N64, the sequel would come later on the Gamecube

  • Featuring over 70 all new mini games

  • Toad is replaced as your guide by Tumble the Magic Dye

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