Mario Party 4
Mario Party 4

Release dates

Australia Unconfirmed
Europe November 21st, 2002
Japan November 8th, 2002
N.America October 21st, 2002


General information

Platform: GameCube

Developed by Hudson Soft

Published by Nintendo

Players: 1-4



Overview / Mini-Game List

Three wild celebrations on Nintendo 64 has been already hosted by our portly plumber and stakes are higher the ever with Mario Party 4 and this game features up to 50 most recent mini-games to enjoy and newest interactive game boards. Does it matter if you are a first timer in Mushroom Kingdom bash or a seasoned Mario Party vet? Of course not! No matter what, you'll have a blaze racing against your friends to go and grab every last star you can put your hands on.

With Mario Party 4's Story Mode, you can throw yourself a single-player party even when your friends are grounded. The game is an action-packed fun-fest with polished graphics, unbeatable replay value great and game play variety.
As your favorite Nintendo characters, you can compete in a series of contests. To be able to access different areas of the game boards and trigger special events, you can use items.

  • In the New Tag Battle, players can compete for stars in two-man teams.
  • For all ages and abilities, handicaps are set.
  • Can be played of 1-4 players

A total of sixty-two mini-games that make up Mario Party 4 and these are broken down as, sixteen mini games for 4 players, nine mini games for 3v1 play, nine extra room mini games, nine mini games for 2v2 play, six battle mini games, five story mini games, and two misc mini games.


4-player mini-games
Bob-omb Breakers
Long Claw of the Law
Manta Rings
Mario Medley
Mario Speedwagons
Mr. Blizzard's Brigade
Paratrooper Plunge
Photo Finish
Slime Time
Stamp Out!
Take a Breather
Three Throw
Toad's Quick Draw

  Battle mini-games
  Bowser's Bigger Blast
  Butterfly Blitz
  Chain Chomp Fever
  Paths of Peril
  Rumble Fishing
  Trace Race

  Story mini-games
  Bowser Bop
  Goomba's Chip Flip
  Kareening Koopas
  Mystic Match 'Em

  Bowser mini-games
  Balloon of Doom
  Darts of Doom
  Fruits of Doom

1-vs-3 mini-games
Blame it on the Crane
Candlelight Flight
Fish n' Drips
Hide and Go BOOM!
Hop or Pop
Makin' Waves
Money Belts
Tree Stomp

  2-vs-2 mini-games
  Cheep Cheep Sweep
  Dungeon Duos
  Order Up
  Right Oar Left?
  Team Treasure Trek
  The Great Deflate


  Extra Room mini-games

  Barrel Baron
  Beach Volley Folley
  Bob-omb X-ing
  Doors of Doom
  Goomba Stomp
  Jigsaw Jitters
  Mushroom Medic
  Panel Panic

  Other mini-games
  Bowser Wrestling
  The Final Battle!

Interesting Facts

  • The first Mario Party title on the Gamecube.
  • The final Mario Party game in which Donkey Kong is a fully playable character
  • Winner of "Family Game of the Year" award in 2003 from Interactive Achievement awards
  • Actually, The reason behind Mario Party 4's story is that the characters are truly having a party; this hadn't been referenced in any of the games predecessors.
  • Finally, Princess Daisy and Princess Peach change from their classic outfits.

Like the original Mario Party, many of the mini-game names were again anagrams/puns of other things:



Pun/Anagram of



Blame it on the crane

Blame it on the rain




Dominoes / Domination

Fish n' Drips

Fish and Chips

Hide and go Boom

Hide and Go Seek

Long Claw of the Law

Long Arm of the Law

Right Oar Left?

Right or Left


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