Mario Party Advance (Game Boy Advance) Artwork of Characters and Scenes
Rendered Artwork

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Character Artwork

A Goomba

A Goomba.

A MontyMole

A Monty Mole running.



A Boo being all ... ghostly.



Bowser with his arms folded defencively.

Bowser Sitting And Pointing At Someone

Bowser sitting in a rather bold looking throne


Koopa Kid Blue Running

A Blue Koopa Kid running

Koopa Kid Green Happy

A Green Koopa Kid

Koopa Kid Red Preparing For Punch

A Red Koopa Kid


Mario Happy

Mario jumping and punching.

Happy Mario

Mario jumping and punching alternate version.

Mario With Hammer Luigi Dropping Books
Mario with a crazy hammer Luigi juggling a pile of books
Mrs Shroomlock With Loop Angry Mr E Pointing At Someone
Mrs. Shroomlock Angry Mr. E
Happy Toad Toadette With Hands Raised
Toad looking happy Toadette with her arms out
Shroomlock Thinking About Some Clue Professor Elvin Gadd
Shroomlock, the Mushroom detective Professor E. Gadd
Princess Peach Punching Bob Omb With Hammer Mushbert With Book And Sunglasses
Princess Peach looks calm in the face of explosion Mushbert holding a book, shades on.

Happy Tumble

Tumble looking happy.

Yoshi Fishing

Yoshi lands a fat Cheep Cheep on the end of his rod.


Yoshi Won Jackpot

Yoshi winning loads of gold coins on the slot machine.


Group artwork

Group art of most characters

A Group Art including lots of Mario Pary Advance Craziness going on in the background while Mario takes his turn to bash the dice block.


Mario and Peach holding a Gameboy in a romantic way

Peach and Mario love nothing more than a romantic night in with the GBA.

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