Mario Pinball Land (Game Boy Advance) Artwork including art scenes and individual character images
Rendered Artwork

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Big Boo With Four Boss

Big Boo and four of his Boo henchmen.

Boo And Piranha Mario Game Over
Boo's and Piranhas Mario is seeing stars.
King Tut Mario And Two Goombas
King Tut A Marioball smashing through some Goombas

Bowser Ready For Damage

Bowser crashing through a stone floor

King Tut

King Tut wielding obelisks of power.



Mario about to activate King Tuts golden statue

Mario around to unlock the vault beneath a statue of King Tut.


Mario battling a Shy Guy and a Mr Blizzard

A Marioball dazes a snowman as a Shy Guy jumps for cover


Mario battling Cheep Cheep Pufferfish

Some pretty sinister versions of Cheep Cheep's have mixed feelings about the Marioball in their midsts.


Mario dismantling a Green  Pokeys body segment

Super Marioball smashes through a green Pokey Cactus, scattering its parts.

Mario getting hit by some flippers Peach fired from a cannon
A Marioball being hit by the Pinball lever A Peachball being hit by a Pinball lever

Petey Piranha

A Piranha Plant lunging at a potential victim.


Promotional artwork

An art scene inside the giant Pinball world in which Super Marioball takes place



Super errr Toad-ball.


Toad and his tent

Toad standing next to a Mushroom tent.

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