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Mario Analysis
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 Mario - Primary Weapons

Lightning SharkRumble BeeHell in a ShellBwah BlasterFragmenter

 Lightning Shark:
When there is a storm at sea, the sharks are the first to know..
This is the starting weapon for Mario. It deals 25-35 Hit Damage at medium range. Range may vary the damage of the weapon. It has a 10 cell range before that damage zone is affected. Damage to Cover areas is Low on this basic weapon.

 Rumble Bee:
Allergic to evil? Want the latest 'buzz' on Rabbid Technology? Feel the sting of the Rumble Bee!
This weapon can be found early on in one of the games treasure boxes. You can find it down a pipe in World 1-1. The weapon deals 25-35 Hit Damage and has a Medium Range of 10 cells. It deals +20% extra damage against Ziggie Enemy Types. The weapon deals 42 Honey Damage and has a 10% Honey Chance. Honey Chance will make an enemy stuck and they will not be able to move for one turn. The cover damage on the weapon is low.

Hell In a Shell:

No turtles were harmed in the making of this high powered weapon.
The player can locate this weapon easily at the Start of World 1-1, Unlikely Heroes exploration area. It is located in one of the brown treasure chest in that area. If you missed it, don't worry as you can return to the Overworld of levels at anytime during your entire playthrough.

This weapon deals 25-35 Hit Damage just like the Lightning Shark. However, it also will deal 42 Bounce Damage. It has a 10% Bounce Chance. Bounce Damage and Chance can knock enemies into other objects or battlers. It can also knock enemies clean off the field of battle, which will result in an instant Knockout ( K.O.). The weapon has medium range at 10 cells and has low cover damage.
Bwah Blaster:
Like Van Gogh, Rabbids often practice their craft with tortured tributes of themselves.
The location of this weapon is at Princess Peach's Castle. You will have to flip a switch and go through a Rabbid White Warp Pipe, to acquire the weapon inside a treasure box. The player must complete world 1-2 to be able to access this weapon. It has 25-35 Hit Damage and +30% Chance of a Special Effect against Ziggie Enemies. The Bounce Special Effect deals 42 damage and the Bounce chance is 10%. The weapon has medium range at 10 cells and the cover damage is low.

 The Fragmenter:

Weapons Powered by an 8-bit CPU may not SEEM strong, but foes will be BLOWN AWAY by the creativity this gun fosters during combat.
This weapon is a DLC ( Downloadble Content Item ). Currently you may only acquire this weapon if you have a Pre-Order Code, by pre-ordering the game. The codes were not working immediately upon release of the game. It took around the next day after the midnight release for me to get my content. Be sure to enter your code into the Redeem Code section of the Nintendo E-Shop. Later you can equip this weapon and the others at anytime, via the Weapons HQ.

The Fragmenter deals 30-40 damage which is a 10 point increase to most of our basic starting weapons. It also deals the famous Honey Damage at 60. The Honey Chance is 30% and you will gain an extra 30% Honey Chance against Ziggy enemies. The Medium Range weapon has a radius of 10 cells and has low cover damage.

Button MasherBowser BasherSpring CleanerTKOMighty Mitts o Mario
Unfortunately for enemies, the big red button on this melee weapon won't put an emergency stop to the butt-kicking you're about to dish out.
The Button Masher will be the first hammer that you can acquire as it is the starting melee weapon for Mario. The weapon deals 55-65 Damage has no cover damage is close range at one cell radius. The cooldown is one turn and it has area of damage at 2 cells. I love the hammers in this game as a side note, they are powerful, cool looking, and fun to use.

Hey, maybe you'll get to smack Bowser with his own hands! 'Ow! Why are you hitting yourself? Ow! Why are you hitting yourself?
The Bowser Basher, is found after completing a Blue Coin Challenge in World #1 Ancient Gardens. This weapon deals 55-65 Hit Damage, and a +30% Special Effect Chance Vs Ziggies. It has 85 Honey Damage and a base of 30% Honey Chance. It is Close Range at one cell, has no cover damage, 1 turn on the cooldown, and area of damage is 2 cells. This weapon can be unlocked for 570 Gold Coins.

Time to banish those winter blues by decluttering your life of deadbeat derelicts!
The Spring Cleaner is another base weapon/hammer that you can earn just by completing the Main Quest of this game. It has a Hit Damage of 55-65 but also has 85 Bounce Damage and a 30% Bounce Chance. At Close Range with 1 cell and no cover damage. The cooldown is 1 turn and the area of damage is 2 cells.

When the fight starts, make sure these mitts are in your corner - the all-time heavyweight champ of kicking the bad guys' butts!
The T.K.O. may be a take on the Classic Punch-Out game for the amazing NES ( nintendo entertainment system ). Regardless of the trivia, it deals 95-105 damage which is a huge increase to our previous secondary weapons for Mario. The weapon also has 30% Bounce Chance and 137 Bounce Damage when Bounce Procs. ( Triggers ). The cover damage is non-applicable and the cooldown is one turn. Finally, we still have area of damage at 2 cells.

Even Mario could use an extra hand - or two - when it comes to getting a grip on Bowser Jr.'s skullduggery.
Mighty Mitts O' Mario deals 137 Honey Damage and has 95-105 Hit Damage just like the previous TKO Hammer. It has a 30% chance to honey an enemy. This means they can not move any cells for one whole turn. The weapon is close range at 1 cell, with a 1 turn cool-down. There is no cover damage and the area of damage is 2 cells. This weapon can be acquired by completing the main quest regularly.

 Mario - Skill Tree:

 Mario Movement Skills:

The Dash Move for Mario, allows him to damage an enemy by sliding into the foe while on the move. At base Mario's Dash Move deals 20 damage per hit.

Team Jump:
This move allows Mario to jump on top of another Ally. When Mario uses this move he can gain an extra 6 movement cells around the battle field. You can also reach higher places when using Team Jump Ability.

 Mario Attack Skills:

This is Mario's Primary Weapon. It is a short to mid-range weapon that fires one attack at a time at a single target.

Melee:Hammer Bro
The Hammer is unlocked after beating the first Mid-Boss in World 1-5. You must use 10 power crystals to activate the item in the new Skill Tree of Battle HQ. This close range weapon can hit multiple targets at once.
 Mario Techniques

Hero Sight:
This bonus attack is a mid-range reaction shot dealt to the first enemy to move within Mario's ling of sight.

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