Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Walkthrough: Rabbid Luigi
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Walkthrough: Rabbid Luigi

Rabbid Luigi

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 Rabbid Luigi - Primary Weapons

Dwarf StarSlam HeldTurbineLifes a BeechSugar Rush

 Dwarf Star
Nothing burns hotter than the Dwarf Star, just like nothing burns hotter on the dance floor than Rabbid Luigi at a wedding.
This is the starting weapon for Rabbid Luigi. It deals 20-30 damage at medium range which is 10 cells or "blocks". The Cover damage is Low and it has no other substantial traits or abilities.

 Slam Held
Kick butt together anytime, anywhere, with any enemy
You can find this weapon in a treasure box near the start of the game. The weapon deals 20-30 Hit Damage and has 30% Push Chance. Push Chance can knock enemies out of bounds which causes them to lose a turn. The Push damage is 36 and the range is 10 cells with low cover damage.

Let's pray the Rabbids at Peach's Castle didn't take the parts for this from something important, like a jet engine or a hydroelectric dam.
You can find this weapon at Peach's Castle Area. You must first complete World 1-2 and have unlocked the Museum location. Once you do, take the white pipe near the Museum and inside one of the brown or gold box treasure chest will be this item. Switch to it on the Battle Tactics screen after World 1-2.

The weapon deals 20-30 damage at medium range which is 10 cells. It has a unique +30% Chance of landing a Super Effect against Hopper Enemies. This weapon also has the awesome Burn Property. It has a 30% chance to apply the Burn Effect. When enemies are affected they will take extra damage and move around the field at random wildly. This burning can spread flames to another nearby battler. The cover damage of the weapon is low.

 Life's A Beech
The Rabbids at Peach's Castle went all out with this one, opting for a classic retro beechwood luxury finish. Looks great around the home!
The player will acquire this weapon for Rabbid Luigi, after completing World 1-5 and defeating the Pirabbid Mini-Boss. The weapons deals 25-35 Hit Damage and has 50% Push Chance. The Push Damage is 46, Medium Range at 10 Cells and the Cover Damage is Low.

 Sugar Rush
Satisfy your craving for full-flavored firepower with this caustic confection ( just don't let it spoil your dinner ).
This Burn Chance Weapon can be acquired for 550 Gold Coins, after defeating the Pirabbid Mini-Boss at World 1-5. It has 25-35 Hit Damage and a 50% Burn Chance. The Burn Damage is 46. It has medium range at 10 cells and the cover damage is low.

Pipe Dream Polka PartyBlack WidowSaturn VStinger

Pipe Dream
Hopefully, this particular section of Warp Pipe the Rabbids at Peach's Castle 'borrowed' wasn't going anywhere important.

Polka Party
Accordion to many experts, the 'Kick Bowser Jr.'s Butt Polka' is a huge hit!

Black Widow
Muscle aches, nausea and paralysis are just a few side effects foes will endure via this weapon - and that's just when you pull it out!

Saturn V
This rocket represents the latest in 'space exploration' (exploring how much space it takes to blow your enemies into orbit)

Don't be deceived - while it may LOOK cute, this fuzzy little phenom boasts a bodacious bite.
 Rabbid Luigi Skills

 Rabbid Luigi Movement Skills

This move allows Rabbid Luigi to hit an enemy while on the move for 30 Damage at a base.

Team Jump
This jump allows Rabbid Luigi to team up with an ally and perform a jump to reach previously inaccessible areas and cover more battlefield space.

Vamp Dash
This is an uber cool move, with a cute animation. The Dash Move from Rabbid Luigi, will now drain a small portion of health from the enemy hit by it. The animation will occur on-screen and you will see Rabbid Luigi's Health Points go up a small percentage. This move cost 20 Power Cores to unlock.

 Rabbid Luigi Attack Skills

The Bworb is a weapon that has lower damage than most other weapon types. It does usually have a higher Super Effect chance than many other weapons. Bworbs fire one round at a single target with many side effects.
Rabbid Luigi Techniques
Super Barrier
This technique will grant Rabbid Luigi immunity to Super Effects and will also reduce regular incoming damage types. You can upgrade the potency of this move, higher up the Skill Tree.

Weaken is a cool looking technique that will reduce the offensive capabilities of enemies in the range of the skill. This skill will weaken enemy weapons when used as long as they are near Rabbid Luigi at the time of the cast.


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