Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Walkthrough & Guide: Rabbid Mario
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Walkthrough & Guide: Rabbid Mario

Rabbid Mario

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 Rabbid Mario - Primary Weapons

Red LightningKoinoboriWrath of The DragonPrickly PersuaderCartridge Commander
Red Lightning
Be the storm on the horizon! Victory is yours in a flash when you discharge powerful blasts from this boomshot.
This is the starter weapon for Rabbid Mario. It is a short range 7 cell weapon that deals 90-100 damage. The cover damage is low. It has no other substantial or interesting perks and can be used at the start of the game for no price or Gold Coins.

It's big, mighty and when it comes to taking down opponents, this baby's got teeth.

Wrath of the Dragon
This fire-spewing beast of a boomshot is no myth! Enemies everywhere beware - Here. Be. DRAGONS.

Prickly Persuader
Watch enemies lose their 'spines' when you make them feel the heat from this cacti-cannon.

Cartridge Commander
Although we haven't seen these misfire yet you should blow any dust off it before shooting (just don't lick it).

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