Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Walkthrough & Guide: Rabbid Peach
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Walkthrough & Guide: Rabbid Peach

Rabbid Peach

Rabbid Peach
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 Rabbid Peach - Primary Weapons

Fuchsia FuryRainbow RunnerRed WaspRetro DeflatorLoaded Question

 Fuchsia Fury
Who says battles have to be boring drab affairs? This luscious looking lightgun is not only practical, it's a stylish combat choice.
This Fuchsia Fury, I apologize for the typo above in the banner, is a starting weapon for Rabid Peach. It does not need to be unlocked with gold coins. It has 25-35 hit damage at base range which is medium range. The cover damage is low and in this case it has identical statistics the the Lightning Shark of Mario.

 Rainbow Runner
Bad guy trouble melts like lemon drops and dreams of butt kickings really do come true over THIS rainbow.
This weapon can be found after completing the 8 red coins collection inside the maze of World 1-4. You must complete the two battle segments and than travel to the maze. Navigate the maze for the switch and then collect 8 red coins. The Treasure Box will appear in the middle of the maze with this weapon inside.

The Weapon, deals 25-35 Hit Damage and also deals 42 Push Damage. It has a 10% Push Chance and an extra +30% of that Push Chance against Ziggy enemies. The weapon has medium range at 10 cells and the cover damage is low.

 Red Wasp
What it lacks in size it makes up for with a powerful payload. Watch enemies scatter or risk getting stung!
You can find this weapon early on in the game, at level or World 1-1 after completing the battle segments in a brown treasure box. It deals 42 Honey Damage and has a 10% Honey Chance. It also deals 25-35 Hit Damage with a 10 cell medium range and low cover damage. The weapon is almost identical to Mario's Rumble Bee, except for cosmetic differences.

 Retro Deflator
Retro Chic Fashion is making a comeback, and so are YOU when you accessorize with this popular pulsating power glove.
This weapon is part of the DLC pixel pack that you can acquire if you pre-ordered the game. It has a unique look and unique firing animation on the battlefield. The weapon itself deals 30-40 damage, this is higher than all of the game's starting weapons. It also has 30% Honey Chance and +30% Chance against Hoppers for that particular Special Effect to land. The Honey Damage is 60, the range is medium at 10 cells and the cover damage is low.

 Loaded Question
Still trouncing troublemakers with ease? That's a... LOADED QUESTION for you!
The Loaded Question, is a Rabbid Peach Blaster Weapon. It can be acquired for 700 Gold Coins after beating World 1-1 in completion. The Weapon cranks up the damage at 55-65 Hit Damage. It deals 85 Honey Damage and has a +30% Honey Chance. The Cover Damage is low and it is medium range at 10 cells.

 Rabbid Peach Skills


 Rabbid Peach Movement Skills

The basic Dash Move is available for all characters. Rabid Peach's starting Dash Attack will deal 20 damage to an opponent but yet only one time. You may move back into cover, or to another part of the battlefield after dashing and attacking.

Stylish Dash
This Dashing Attack will allow Rabbid Peach to Dash into more than one enemy at a time, while on the move.

Team Jump
Team Jump allows Rabbid Peach to jump on top of an ally to reach higher places or cover more ground.

 Rabbid Peach Attack Skills


This short to mid-range weapon will fire one round at a time to a single target. It is identical to Mario's Blaster Attack. Cosmetically Rabbid Peach has different Blaster's. All of which have unique names and statistics.

An awesome little robot that never stops chasing its target. It will detonate when it is in close range, which is generally about 2-3 cells around a circle radius of the sentry. The Sentry has its own Hit Point Meter, and thus can be destroyed before exploding. Another note is that the Sentry can damage even your own allies.
 Rabbid Peach Techniques

The Shield Technique of Rabid Peach will bring a glowing pink/purple orb around the "princess" for one whole turn. It reduces incoming damage by around 20% as an estimate. It can be upgraded to become stronger and should be used whenever Rabbid Peach is left wide-open.
This is a great ability that will take 20 Power Cores/Crystals to activate. It will restore 20% of all allies health if they are in range. It will restore 20% of thier Maximum Health Meter.

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