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Mario Story

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Story originally submitted to Super Mario Portal on October 16th 2003

Here's a great story about Mario.

Mario: "So I'm eating breakfast one day right.."

MarioFan:"What kind?"

Mario: "Who cares what kind of breakfast, just listen. So I'm eating breakfast and I happen to see a little puddle of water on the ground. Being a good person an all I go get a mop to clean it up. When I start mopping I feel a drop on my head. I look up and I see that there is crack in the ceiling. I go get a bucket and place it under the crack so it won't get anything wet. Wouldn't you do that?"

MarioFan: "Yes probably"

Mario: "Ok then, now to the part which I hate to remember. I then get back to eating and guess what I hear?"

MarioFan: "What?"

Mario: "A noise every two or three seconds. I go over to the bucket and it's the sound of the drops hitting the bucket. As a plumber I realize that their must be something wrong upstairs. So I go upstairs and I fix the pipe which was cracked."

MarioFan: "Thats good"

Mario: "Sure, it gets worse. When I sit back down to start eating I hear a big crash in the grand hall. I walk over and I see that the picture of the royal Mushroom King has fallen over. I call up DK to help me reinstall it and he comes over and helps me fix it. This took 3 hours."

MarioFan: "Eeee. Too bad"

Mario: "Ya, it gets terrible after this. It's now 12 o'clock and I'm eating breakfast. But before I get one bite another problem rises. The breakfast table I'm eating on starts to make crackling noises. And CRASH! It falls over, but I manage to save my food. Getting a bit ticked I call up Shy Guy to bring over a new table from the Castle Warehouse. He brings one over and we fix it. I put my food on the table and guess what time it is?"

MarioFan:"What time?"

Mario: "3 PM. Past lunch time, almost dinner, but I thought I could eat it quickly. I got one bite and Peach screams out in a very high pitched voice. I rush upstairs and she points to some bugs. I got the bugspray and killed them for her. I go back downstairs and now I'm not hungry. After 7 hours of interruption from eating I'm not hungry. I felt so tired I went to bed."

MarioFan: "Harsh day"

Mario: "Your not kiddin. I hear Peach calling, so bye"

So there you have it. A nice story told by Mario.