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1-UP Mushrooms - There are 1-up mushrooms that increase stats.
Mushroom 1: Enter the Junior Courts and walk east until you hit the gate leading into a small area. Press the A button at the basket of tennis balls to receive the mushroom.

Mushroom 2: You must place first in the senior standings and wield a power shot. With the power shot, enter the Practice Courts and go north. Go down the steps to the right of the serving practice courts. Read the sign in front of the pond to find you must do 100 practice swings within 10 seconds for the mushroom.

Mushroom 3: Enter the senior courts and go to the west courts and find the small area at the bottom of the screen. Enter it and if the lights are blinking on the sport drink machine, examine it with the A button to receive a mushroom.

Mushroom 4: In the courtyard right outside of the student lodge, press the A button in front of the pipe on the left. Say "yes" when it asks you if you would like to jump in, and a 1-up mushroom will shoot out of the opposite pipe. When you come up, you will receive the mushroom.


Unlockable: Bowser Star Character
Defeat Bowser in Peach tournament.


Unlockable: DK Star Character
Defeat DK in Peach tournament.


Unlockable: Luigi Star Character
Defeat Luigi in Peach tournament.


Unlockable: Mario Star Character
Defeat Mario in Peach tournament.


Unlockable: Mini-Game Mode
During Story Mode, beat a mini-game to unlock that mini-game to be played at any time. Mini-Game Mode is unlocked after the first mini-game is unlocked, and is where you can access these mini-games.


Unlockable: Peach Dome Court
Defeat the Peach tournament in either singles or doubles.


Unlockable: Peach Star Character
Defeat Peach in Peach tournament.


Unlockable: Waluigi Star Character
Defeat Waluigi in Peach tournament.


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