Mario vs. Donkey Kong Cheats & Tips (Game Boy Advance)

Mario vs. Donkey Kong (GameBoy Advance) - Cheats & Tips

You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Mario vs. Donkey Kong GBA

Getting to Expert and Plus Modes
Finishing the game once will unlock both the plus and expert modes, at this point you can open a door, this will unlock Mini-Mario. If all presents are collected when you finish a level there is a bonus game.

Handstand jump
During the process of a handstand jump, push A to start the jump, then press it again the second Mario lands, this will give you an ultra high jump

Mario Dreams
If you leave Mario idle long enough he will begin to drift into dreamland and think about various things like food

Unlockable Movies
Movies are unlocked by doing the following things, once you unlock one you can watch it in the visual options menu.

# What it does
1 Begin a new game
2 Begin a new game
3 Reach the boss of the first world
4 Defeat the boss of the first world
5 Start plus world
6 Reach the boss of plus world
7 Defeat the boss of plus world
8 Defeat the boss of plus world


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