[WAV] Mario's Fundamentals sound effects
Sound effects / music

PC - Mario's Fundamentals

Sound & Music - Sound effects


Title File size
Bad Luck 6.8K
Blow 3.9K
Card Shuffle 12K
Cartoon Sound 6.2K
Cartoon Sound 2 3.5K
Cartoon Sound 2 With 17K
Cartoon Sound 3 4.1K
Cartoon Sound 4 4.2K
Cartoon Sound 5 3.7K
Cartoon Sound 6 5.9K
Cartoon Sound 7 11K
Cartoon Sound 8 3.1K
Check Card 2.7K
Clickage 2.8K
Clickage 2 904
Clickage 3 2.6K
Crowd Chatter 16K
Crowd Clapping 25K
Deep Woop 4.3K
Deep Woop 2 4.3K
Dice Flip 4.5K
Dice Hit 6.1K
Ding Ding 6.5K
Drum Roll 23K
Dulcimer-ish 5.5K
Fanfare 16K
Footstep 1.5K
Footstep 2 9.0K
Footstep 3 2.2K
Footstep 4 1.9K
Footstep 5 2.5K
Highlight 6.5K
Koopa Troopa Hide 2.8K
Koopa Troopa Hide 2 2.9K
Mario-Aces 9.4K
Mario-Along With Pre 32K
Mario-Along With Ste 38K
Mario-Another Book F 25K
Mario-Another Book F 23K
Mario-Another Game 26K
Mario-Are You Sure A 29K
Mario-Are You Sure S 26K
Mario-Aw You're So G 17K
Mario-Backgammon 9.6K
Mario-Backgammon 2 12K
Mario-Backgammon Sti 38K
Mario-Big Boos 11K
Mario-Big Boos 2 11K
Mario-Big Straight 7.2K
Mario-Bob-Bombs 10K
Mario-Bob-Bombs 2 8.8K
Mario-Bowsers 7.4K
Mario-Bowsers 2 9.4K
Mario-Brainstorm 12K
Mario-Can't Do That 22K
Mario-Can't Move 13K
Mario-Can't Move Any 15K
Mario-Checker King 17K
Mario-Checker King 2 18K
Mario-Checker King 3 23K
Mario-Checker King M 22K
Mario-Checker King M 29K
Mario-Checker King M 32K
Mario-Checkers 9.5K
Mario-Checkers 2 7.0K
Mario-Checkers Jumpi 27K
Mario-Checkers Jumpi 17K
Mario-Checkers Jumpi 20K
Mario-Choice 5.9K
Mario-Click This To 21K
Mario-Congrats 19K
Mario-Crown Me 23K
Mario-Cuckoo Crazy 20K
Mario-Deuces 8.6K
Mario-Do You Have An 12K
Mario-Dominoes 12K
Mario-Dominoes 2 11K
Mario-Dominoes Check 26K
Mario-Dominoes Mario 30K
Mario-Dominoes You W 36K
Mario-Don't Go There 22K
Mario-Double Jump 27K
Mario-Doubles Four M 26K
Mario-Drawing Bones 19K
Mario-Enjoy Playing 26K
Mario-Eureka! 14K
Mario-Excellent Sele 34K
Mario-First Doublet 19K
Mario-Fives 12K
Mario-Four Of A Kind 9.1K
Mario-Fours 9.3K
Mario-Full House 8.2K
Mario-Getting Good A 21K
Mario-Go Fish 9.0K
Mario-Go Fish 2 14K
Mario-Going To The B 19K
Mario-Good Luck 11K
Mario-Good Move 15K
Mario-Good Player 18K
Mario-Goombas 9.0K
Mario-Goombas 2 9.0K
Mario-Gotten Confuse 28K
Mario-Gotten To Thin 18K
Mario-Great Game 22K
Mario-Great I Like 21K
Mario-Great Move 21K
Mario-Guvanni 11K
Mario-Guvanni Hurry 31K
Mario-Guvanni Who 9.8K
Mario-Happy To See Y 23K
Mario-Here's Your Bo 15K
Mario-Here Fishy Fis 39K
Mario-Hey Let's Play 12K
Mario-Hey You Won 15K
Mario-Hmmm 11K
Mario-How About A Ni 23K
Mario-How About This 18K
Mario-I'd Like To Ha 21K
Mario-I'd Love To Pl 15K
Mario-I'll Go First 14K
Mario-I'm Fishing Fo 18K
Mario-I'm Looking Fo 16K
Mario-I'm Lost 11K
Mario-I'm Stuck Sque 6.2K
Mario-I'm Waiting Fo 27K
Mario-I've Got To Pa 19K
Mario-I Get Another 22K
Mario-I Got It 8.7K
Mario-I Got What I A 15K
Mario-I Guess I'll G 29K
Mario-I Know 9.9K
Mario-I Pass 8.1K
Mario-I Won 14K
Mario-Illegal Move 24K
Mario-Interplay 6.0K
Mario-It's My Turn N 15K
Mario-It's Your Turn 16K
Mario-Jamaica 11K
Mario-Jamaica Me Cuc 21K
Mario-Jamaica Who 12K
Mario-Knock Knock 11K
Mario-Knock Knock 2 6.7K
Mario-Koopas 8.0K
Mario-Koopas 2 7.6K
Mario-Let's Play 15K
Mario-Let's See 9.2K
Mario-Let Me Think 11K
Mario-Line 5.9K
Mario-Little Straigh 9.7K
Mario-Little Toadies 15K
Mario-Little Toadies 12K
Mario-Lots Of Fun 24K
Mario-Luigies 13K
Mario-Luigies 2 10K
Mario-MacPlay 11K
Mario-Mamma Mia 15K
Mario-Mario's Fundam 26K
Mario-Mario's Game G 26K
Mario-Mario's Got Do 28K
Mario-Mario's Puttin 25K
Mario-Mario Goes Aga 21K
Mario-Mario Goes Fir 31K
Mario-Mario Lands On 32K
Mario-Mario Wins 28K
Mario-Marioes 9.0K
Mario-Marioes 2 9.3K
Mario-Maybe You Shou 16K
Mario-Need Another C 16K
Mario-Nice To See Yo 21K
Mario-No Dominoes 28K
Mario-No More Domino 32K
Mario-Off The Bar Fi 23K
Mario-Oh Boy! 12K
Mario-Oh Boy 11K
Mario-Oh Brother 11K
Mario-Oh No! 15K
Mario-Okay! 10K
Mario-Okay Let's Pla 26K
Mario-Okie Dokie You 20K
Mario-One Book For M 24K
Mario-One Book For Y 23K
Mario-One Card 26K
Mario-Pick Anywhere 15K
Mario-Piranha Plant 18K
Mario-Piranha Plant 11K
Mario-Pizza! 9.5K
Mario-Pizza The Heck 17K
Mario-Pizza Who 9.9K
Mario-Please Give Me 16K
Mario-Princess 8.1K
Mario-Princesses 11K
Mario-Rexes 9.9K
Mario-Rexes 2 9.9K
Mario-Rip Van Fish 15K
Mario-Rip Van Fish 2 15K
Mario-Rolling Again 27K
Mario-Select Dices T 25K
Mario-Select Differe 25K
Mario-Select Line To 20K
Mario-Sixes 12K
Mario-So Proud Of Yo 20K
Mario-Squeaky Voice 27K
Mario-Thanks Nice Ga 29K
Mario-That's Going O 14K
Mario-Think You're F 21K
Mario-Three Cards 21K
Mario-Threes 6.9K
Mario-Tie 15K
Mario-Time To Go Fis 23K
Mario-Triple Jump 22K
Mario-Try Again 22K
Mario-Two Cards 25K
Mario-Uh Oh Squeaky 4.1K
Mario-Way To Go 13K
Mario-We're Both Blo 14K
Mario-What's Taking 25K
Mario-Who's There 7.6K
Mario-Who's There 2 8.3K
Mario-Who Goes First 26K
Mario-Would You Like 12K
Mario-Wrong Piece 28K
Mario-Yacht 8.3K
Mario-Yacht 2 7.3K
Mario-Yacht Achieved 26K
Mario-Yacht Draw Fro 30K
Mario-Yacka 5.8K
Mario-Yacka Move Any 25K
Mario-Yacka Who 8.4K
Mario-Yoshi Or Koopa 31K
Mario-Yoshies 9.0K
Mario-Yoshies 2 8.5K
Mario-You're Stuck 14K
Mario-You're The Cha 21K
Mario-You Can't Go T 15K
Mario-You Can't Move 19K
Mario-You Get Anothe 14K
Mario-You Go First 14K
Mario-You Go First G 30K
Mario-You Got What Y 15K
Mario-You Need Anoth 21K
Mario-You Next 11K
Mario-You Play So We 18K
Mario-You Still Want 15K
Mario-You Won 20K
Mario-Your Roll 9.0K
Mario Go Fish! 19K
Power Clank 8.0K
Power Turn On 22K
Power Turn On 2 17K
Ricochet 4.9K
Rimshot 26K
Roller Skates 17K
Rolling Dice 12K
Small Clunker 9.8K
Snap 3.3K
Square Wave Woop 2.5K
Underwater 9.3K
Unknown 696
Unknown 2 3.8K
Unknown 3 2.6K
Unknown 4 1.7K
Unknown 5 1.1K
Unknown 6 5.3K
Unknown 7 332
Vibes Ding 3.4K
Vibes Ding 2 2.9K
Whap 1.6K
Whistle 5.9K
Wipe Glass 2.2K
Wonderful Ding 9.0K
Wonderful Ding With 15K
Yacht 46K
Yoshi Cover 6.1K
Yoshi Gulp 4.6K
Yoshi Gulp 2 6.4K

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