[MIDI] New Super Mario Bros (Nintendo DS) music
Sound effects / music

Sound & Music - Midi's

Title File size
Athletic 46K
Bowser Jr's Castle 10K
Bowser's Castle 27K
Bowser's Castle Icecream Remix 34K
Final Boss 50K
Game Over 423
Overworld 46K
Overworld 2 18K
Overworld GB Remix 22K
Prologue 4.6K
Special Stage 4.6K
Stage Clear 1.2K
Star Theme 21K
Star Theme 2 41K
Title 10K
Title 2 9.0K
Underwater 5.8K
Underworld 20K
Underworld 2 19K
Versus Battle Plains 21K
World 1 Map 5.2K
World 2 Map 5.7K
World 6 Map 4.6K

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