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New Super Mario Bros

New Super Mario Bros. Wii title screen

Release dates

Australia November 12th, 2009
Europe November 20th, 2009
Japan December 3rd, 2009
N.America November 15th, 2009

General information

Platform: Wii

Developed by Nintendo

Published by Nintendo

Players: 1-4

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While everyone in 2009 were basically fighting over and blurting out stuff like 1080p, or better horsepower and graphics, or next gen everything, our famous Italian plumber was just laughing it off as he went out to release his next game that would go on to sell millions and millions of copies, even making it the fastest ever selling game in the gaming market. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is, well, the new Super Mario game for the Wii, which is the successor of the 2006 Nintendo DS game, New Super Mario Bros, and is followed by New Super Mario Bros 2 for the 3DS. It’s got everything that one who has experience with the different Mario platformers would expect, with added extra features that would make it even more enjoyable. Aside from giving it the new and revamped look that was given to the DS (which by the way is just awesome), the game also receives a Drop-in Drop-out multiplayer mode (making it the first ever Mario platformer that lets you play simultaneously with other players), letting 3 more other players join in on the fun as Luigi and 2 other Toads at any point in the game. The fun platforming adventure becomes even more fun with more people, but be warned though, this also turns the pace of the game into complete chaos, but not without the laughs and giggles.

New Super Mario Bros Wii just captures what we loved about the original Super Mario Bros games, puts in a pinch of the gameplay of Super Mario World, and then mushes them all together to create one game that feels fresh and new, but nostalgic at the same time. That formula is what took me by surprise, as this is a game that took a whole generation of gamers by storm, and that generation enjoyed the storm to its fullest, and seeing and playing New Super Mario Bros Wii proves to me that this franchise, no matter how old it gets, has not aged one bit.

The game puts you in the same premise as almost all of the Super Mario games in the past. The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach, is once again kidnapped by the game’s main antagonist, Bowser the Koopa King. You would think that by now, she’d have better security. In any case, you control Mario, the italian plumber mentioned earlier, and lead him through different worlds and castles to save Peach. Mario will go through Koopas, Goombas, Hammer Bros, and a lot more of the usual cast of Bowser’s henchmen with the help of all his usual power ups like the Star, the Mushroom, and the Fire Flower, but also with new items like the Penguin Suit (which lets the player shoot out Ice balls that freeze the enemy and also lets the user slide through ice or water) and the Ice Flower (same as Penguin Suit, but without the ability to slide). It’s everything you have come to know and love in a Mario game, but with a few additional twists, including the chaotic yet totally amazing simultaneous multiplayer.


The startup screen for NSMB Wii




The story of Super Mario Bros. Wii begins with Mario in Peach’s castle along with Luigi and a couple of Toads to celebrate the Princess’ birthday. Gifts can be seen around them, but suddenly, a huge birthday cake comes in next to them. When they come closer to inspect the cake, Bowser Jr. pops out of it, along with the other Koopalings, and proceeds to pick up the enormous cake and throw it at Princess Peach, effectively trapping her inside the cake, and they take her out to their airship. As they are chasing the ship, the Toads left in the castle are then shown and takes out a cannon to shoot out two of the gifts that were supposed to be presented to the Princess, and the gifts explode in mid-air, revealing a bunch of powerups (the Penguin Suit and the Propeller Head), and the four continue on the chase for the kidnapped Princess.

At one point in their adventure, Mario with Luigi and the Toads will eventually get to the last castle where Bowser would be waiting for them. The platforming and dodging battle ensues and one of the 4 will have to step on the !switch that can be found behind the Koopa King Bowser, and he is sent plummeting to the lava underneath him. The 4 celebrate the defeat of Bowser and approach the Princess, who is on the other side, caged, and crying. They soon realize that it was Kamek, acting as the Princess while wearing a different variation of his robe, having it the same color as the one Princess Peach regularly wears. While they are shocked, Kamek helps out Bowser by powering him up and turns him into a larger, scarier Bowser. A chase ensues as the huge Bowser tries to chase our heroes down, and would successfully do as he brings them to a dead-end. But at that dead-end, they find a new switch with the same !mark, only a bit bigger. The moment they pressed it, Bowser comes falling down through the very floor he was standing on, and they spot the Princess in a cage, for real this time. After all of this, we see Luigi and the 2 toads that came along with them arrive with how air balloons. Luigi opens his balloons basket to let both Mario and the Princess in, but the balloon flies up before Luigi can get it with them. The toads does offer Luigi a ride though.


The next scene will show Peach and Mario as the Princess asks our moustached hero if she has already told Mario about the Secret World hidden in the kingdom (she will say “Tell me about your adventures again” if you have already finished the game twice), and we later see Larry Koopa who limps toward the castle that Mario and Peach just came out of. He sees Bowser Jr. who then points out to show the Koopaling crew trying to prop up Bowser, who is now back to being a normal sized version of himself. They get the job done, but with Bowser being too heavy, the impact of flipping him over causes a thunderous thud, making the castle quake a bit, and ultimately falls on Bowser and Bowser Jr., along with the Koopalings.


A group artwork featuring the playable characters of New Super Mario Bros Wii

Mario, Luigi and the Toads set out to rescue the Princess.


Gameplay & Controls


The gameplay is the same as the Mario games starting from Super Mario Bros 3, where you start off in an overworld and move through a fixed path to get to a level. You finish a level and you are back on the overworld with a path opened, letting another level become available. It is something that many of the Mario fans are familiar with, but is also at the same time, something that’s pretty easy to get into if you are new to the franchise, which is really, a very strong point for the Mario franchise, it’s a pretty simple game, with a pretty simple premise, with a ton of fun to be had. Every level starts you off at the right of the screen, giving you the hint that you need to go left. Along the way you’ll see a lot of intractable stuff like bricks and blocks with different signs on it. Most of them can be busted or opened by jumping and hitting it with Mario, and will sometimes reveal coins. Coins can be collected all throughout the game, and will give you an extra life if you can collect up to a hundred. There are new gameplay mechanics here that was introduced in the New Super Mario Bros for the DS that was carried over to the Wii, like the mini mushroom and the Star Coins, a larger version of the generic coin scattered throughout each level (usually 3 pieces each level) that you can collect and use in different parts of the overworld map. Aside from those mentioned, there is nothing really new in terms of gameplay in this Mario game, which is surprisingly nice with all the people looking for new stuff in old franchises, Mario has kept to his roots, but added features that will become a main stay feature for the newer Mario games to come.

The controls are as simple as it was back in the NES days. You hold your Wii remote sideways and use is like you would a NES controller. The few additions for this is the use of the motion controls, where you would shake to make your character spin (useful for some power ups and giving your character a very slight boost in his jump). The controls are as precise as ever, giving you great control over you character. The D-pad is used to move your character in the direction you are pressing. The 1 button is your dash and attack button (if you have a power up that allows it). The 2 button is you jump button. It’s a simple control scheme, and it works well the entire game. Precise movement has always been a key skill in playing Mario games, and the controls for the New Super Maro Bros Wii does not slip up in this category.

The world and level design in the game is as anyone who has every played Mario would expect. It has that gorgeous, colorful feel that would make you want to be just lost in it. The backgrounds are absolutely beautiful and the attention to detail is superb, but that’s not to say the foreground isn’t as great. The level designs are wacky and fun and refreshing. There’s really never a dull moment in every world that it makes you keep coming back for more at times. There are 8 worlds overall (not including the bonus world) which gives you a lot of levels to go through. The game holds your hand at first, giving you a bit of an easy platforming experience during the first few levels, but will later on become more and more challenging as the game progresses.


Enemies & Bosses


Bosses & Encounters


New Super Mario Bros Wii, World 1: Grass Land


World 1

  • Enemy Courses – Goombas – can be seen roaming in the overworld. Going to their spot will start an enemy encounter (will be the same for all enemy encounters).

  • Boss in Fortress – Larry Koopa – mid overworld Fortress. The fight will have Larry Koopa with a wand that shoots out a blue magic type shot. Jump on his head 3 times to defeat.

  • Boss in Castle – Larry Koopa – World 1 end castle. Larry will have the same ability as in the fortress, but the floor will be divided into 5 and will alternate going up and down.

New Super Mario Bros Wii, World 2: Desert Land


World 2

  • Enemy Courses – Spinies

  • Boss in Fortress - Roy Koopa – Both Mario and Roy will be on a platform on lava while fighting. Will also have a wand which shoots out purple magic, but will mostly use his air stomps

  • Boss in Castle – Roy Koopa – Roy will jump up into one of 5 warp pipes on the ceiling and will pop out of one, stomping to the ground. Jump on head 3 times to beat Roy.

New Super Mario Bros Wii, World 3: Ice Land


World 3

  • Enemy Courses – Ice Bros.

  • Boss in Fortress – Lemmy Koopa – Lemmy and Mario will be on a platform covered in ice (making it slippery) and Lemmy will be on a ball while he shoots out yellow balls that bounce, it can be jumped on and Mario will bounce upward. Jump on Lemmy three times to end battle.

  • Boss in Castle – Lemmy Koopa – You are once again pitted with Lemmy on an icy platform, but this time Lemmy will be on a much bigger ball, making him even harder to reach. Use the balls that Lemmy will shoot out to reach him and stomp on his head 3 times to progress to next world.

New Super Mario Bros Wii, World 4: Water Land


World 4

  • Enemy Courses – Porcupuffer

  • Boss in Fortress – Wendy Koopa – Wendy will shoot out rings that will bounce off the floor and walls that can damage Mario. Stomp on her head 3 times to defeat.

  • Boss in Castle – Wendy Koopa – She will still shoot out bouncing rings, but both Mario and Wendy will be submerged underwater every few seconds (the water will drain out in a moment)

  • Airship Battle – Bowser Jr. – Bowser Jr. will be up in the air with his Mini Clown Copter, and Mario will need to use the Propeller Boxes in the room to reach him. Stomping his head 3 times will end the battle.

New Super Mario Bros Wii, World 5: Forest Land


World 5

  • Enemy Courses – Stalking Piranha Plants

  • Boss in Fortress – Iggy Koopa – The room will have 3 platforms that move up and down, the middle one being different in timing (while the two on the sides are on top, the middle will be on bottom) while Iggy shoots out green magic. Stomp on his head 3 times to defeat him.

  • Boss in Castle – Iggy Koopa – Iggy will be on a platform that is chained to a Chain Chomp, which pulls the platform in the direction he is facing every time he jumps. Jumping on Iggy’s head will trigger the Chomp to get angry and chase you down. Avoid the Chomp until Iggy is back up, and jump on him again. Do this 3 times to beat Iggy.

New Super Mario Bros Wii, World 6: Sky Land


World 6

  • Enemy Courses – Bullet Bills

  • Boss in Fortress – Morton Koopa Jr. – The battlefield will be a platform on lava, but with the 2 sides elevated slightly. Morton will shoot out magic, step on him as he charges his magic. The elevated platforms will have a log (shaped like a pencil) with spikes that will go down on it (similar to the logs in the whole fortress) so be careful when on those elevated platforms. Jump on his head 3 times to defeat Morton.

  • Boss in Castle – Morton Koopa Jr. – The arena is a room that has 6 log shaped floors. Every time Morton stomps on one of them, the ones directly adjacent to it will push up into the ceiling, which may kill Mario or any other character, so avoid the adjacent logs when Morton starts to jump. Stomp on his head 3 times to beat him.

  • Airship Battle – Bowser Jr. – This time both of you will be riding Mini Clown Copters (with a slight variation to the look for your characters), and you will have to push Bowser Jr. to the side of the room, which is rigged with electricity. Push him to the electricity to shock him. Do this 3 times to defeat him.


New Super Mario Bros Wii, World 7: Sky Land


World 7

  • Enemy Courses – Lakitu

  • Boss in Fortress – Ludwig Von Koopa – Ludwig will shoot out blue magic shots and will jump up to try and stomp on Mario, he will flutter a bit in his jump the same way Yoshi does. Stomp on his head when he lands. Do this 3 times to beat Ludwig.

  • Boss in Castle – Ludwig Von Koopa – This time, Mario and Ludwig will be fighting on 3 platforms that are moving upward, and will alternate speeds giving each platform a different height. Ludwig will shoot out a spread of 5 blue magic shots and then jump off screen. He will flutter above the platform that Mario is standing on in an attempt to stomp on him, so move platforms, then stomp his head when he lands. Make sure to move to a different platform after stomping as he will shell slide on the small platform and you may get hit. Do this 3 times to defeat Ludwig and move on.

New Super Mario Bros Wii, World 8: Bowsers Lava Land


World 8

  • Enemy Courses – Podoboos

  • Boss in Fortress – Kamek – The battle will be in a room with platform blocks of different sizes moving from the right of the room to the left. Kamek will be teleporting in and out of the screen, and then shoot out a blue magic shot, if his shot hits a platform, it is transformed into a Koopa. Stomp on him as he charges or fires his shot 3 times to defeat him.

  • Airship Battle – Bowser Jr. – Bowser Jr.will be riding a larger Clown Copter. His Clown Copter will now spit out a huge spiked ball on the ground and the ball will keep rolling. Mario will have to ground pound the floor, creating a wave on either side that will launch the ball up. You will need to hit Bowser Jr. with the ball 3 times to defeat him.

  • Boss in Castle – Bowser – Before reaching Bowser’s room, you will be running in a corridor where Bowser will shoot fire at you, similar to the Super Mario Bros. game from the NES. When the battle begins Bowser will slowly walk forward, shoot a fireball, then walk slowly backwards. Wait until he jumps high into the air and dash under him to reach the button on the other side. Jump on the button to defeat Bowser.

  • Boss in Castle – Bowser – After defeating Bowser the first time, Kamek will appear and power up Bowser, turning him into a giant. Bowser will chase you and you will have to dodge his fireballs. His fireballs will wreck the walls, giving you a way to move on. Keep running until you see Princess Peach in a cage with a switch under her. Jump on the switch to finish off Bowser.

The Koopa Kids as they appear in New Super Mario Bros. Wii

The Koopa Kids, a whole lotta trouble.


Items & Objects


  • Super Mushroom: Turns any regular charater into a larger version, also called super i.e. Super Mario.

  • 1 UP Mushroom: Grants player that takes it an additional life.

  • Coins: Can be collected from different sources like ? Blocks and shooting fireballs at enemies. If players can collect a hundred coins, the coin counter will reset and players will be given an additional life.

  • Fire Flower: Turns any character who touches it into a Fire character (Fire Mario, Fire Luigi, etc.), and will be able to shoot out fireballs.

  • Red Ring: A ring that when passed through, will make 8 red coins appear in varying places.

  • Red Coins: Coins that pop out once a Red Ring is passed. Collecting all 8 of these coins before the timer runs out will give the players either a Powerup or a 1 UP Mushroom, depending on the characters state.

  • Blue Coins: Pretty much like regular coins, but these appear in troves and only appear when a P-Switch is activated.

  • Star – Makes any character that touches it invincible, letting them pass through enemies and boosting their jumps slightly.

  • Star Coins: A larger variation of the regular coins, Star Coins are 3 coins that can be collected per level and can be used to buy various stuff, and can also be used to unlock different paths in the overworld.

  • Mini Mushroom: Will turn a character into a mini character. Mini’s can walk through very tight spaces and can run on water. They can also jump very high.

  • Propeller Mushroom: These mushrooms will give a character a propeller hat. Propeller hats can be used by shaking the Wii remote, in which the character will spin and fly upwards.

  • Penguin Suit: Transforms any character into a Penguin character. Penguin characters can slide on ice and can shoot iceballs.

  • Ice Flower: Will turn character who touches it into an Ice character, which will let them shoot out iceballs.

  • Dash Coins: In some levels, there will be outlines of a regular coin. These outlines will turn into coins if a character dashes through them.

  • Berry: Berries can be eaten by Yoshi’s. A Yoshi will release an egg containing an item if they have eaten 5 berries.

  • Barrels: Barrels can be picked up and thrown at enemies by shaking the Wii remote while pressing the dash button.

  • Tilt Lift: These are platforms that can be tilted in any direction by tilting the Wii remote to the desired position.

  • Toad Balloons: Balloons that must be collected in Enemy Courses to release a Toad and clear that course.

  • P-Switch: If pressed, will turn brick blocks into coins, and coins will turn to brick blocks, until the timer runs out. Will also reveal hidden Silver coins.

  • ?-Switch: This switch will alter an area for a brief amount of time, mostly to help out the character.

  • !-Switch: When activated, the !-Switch will turn all dotted lines into platforms that can be used to cross gaps. This can be seen in World 3-4 and the final battle with Bowser.

  • Spring Boards: A board with a spring that will let any character jump higher if jumped on while pressing the jump button.

  • Donut Lifts: A little yellow platform with a hole in it. It will drop if a players stays on it for a couple of seconds. Mini characters will not trigger it to drop.

  • Midway Checkpoints: Flags that works as a checkpoint, places where you will be brought to if everyone dies and repeats the level. It is usually a black flag with the Bowser logo, and will change to the symbol of the character who touches it. Any character that is regular sized that changes the flags state will be turned to a Super character, as if he used a Super Mushroom.

  • Beanstalks: Stalks that will grow and can be climbed to reach secret areas or Coin Heaven. They will pop out of designated secret brick blocks and some ? blocks.

  • Ice Blocks: Blocks that are created by hitting an enemy with an iceball. Can be picked up and thrown at enemies.

  • Mario Clown Copter: Clown Copters that look like the copters used by Bowser and Bowser Jr., but used by Mario and the gang. Used in one Airship battle to fight Bowser Jr.

  • Water Balls: A floating ball of water. Any character caught in it will act as if they are underwater.

  • Yoshi Eggs: An egg that Yoshi will release after eating 5 berries. They hatch and reveal a random powerup.

An underground scene featuring Roy and Wendy O' Koopa.




Though a lot of praise is in order for the game because it actually deserves it, there are a few flaws that can be noticed in the game. This game was obviously made with multiplayer in mind, and as I said, the multiplayer aspect of the game is fun and addictive if you can get a family member or a friend in on the fun by coming over to your house, and there lies the problem. Mario Kart Wii was a game released earlier than New Super Mario Bros Wii and it had online functionality that would let you play with your friends or anyone else across the globe in the comfort of your couch, so it was a bit of a headscratcher that New Super Mario Bros Wii did not have online functionality, even if it was just with friends, or even forget about the online multiplayer, at least add an online scoreboard with high scores. This would have probably made the game even better and added a lot of replayability. Also, another gripe of mine is that they give the 3rd and 4th player 2 generic Toad characters. Super Mario Bros. 2 had 4 characters each with their own abilities, and they just give you generic filler characters for the newer game. Granted though that you cannot use Princess Peach since she has been held captive, I kind of wish that Nintendo at least put in a bit of effort and thought with the character as there have been a massive amount of different characters for the entire franchise now.

All of these flaws though are minor and unimportant when compared to the awesomeness that this game sets out to give. In every mode you can play in this game, you’d be sure to have fun. The controls are tight, the 2.5D graphics is absolutely gorgeous in every respect, and the gameplay is simply delightful, for both the new and old players of Mario alike. For those that are looking for a nostalgic trip to the past where games where all about sitting on a couch with friends and laughing your butts off instead of this generations push for blood and gore and better graphics, then New Super Mario Bros Wii is just the right trip for you. For those looking for a challenging platformer that every other platformer has tried to be, this game can get you to where you want to be. And that is whats good about New Super Mario Bros Wii, it caters to all types of audiences, and it does so without letting go of its roots, all the while become a new game that everyone and anyone can enjoy.



The game was a huge hit, and was such a success that it sold almost 937 thousand copies in just 4 days or release in JUST Japan, and it has hit a record as the biggest and fastest selling debut as a Wii game for Japan, as the sales bump up to over 1.4 million copies the next week. The game also sold out 3 million copies in Japan, making it the fastest selling game in the shortest time ever, making it to 3 million with only 7 weeks out in the market. After it’s release in the North American market, it sold 1.39 million copies in November of 2009, putting it in the 3rd spot as the best selling game for that month. The game will continue on to sell 4 million copies in the United States and help the game get to the 10 million mark of sales, giving it the title of the fastest single-system selling game throughout history. In March of 2014, the game reached more than 28.65 million units sold. This made the game the 4th best selling game on the Wii, and the 2nd best selling game in the Mario series for the Wii, in which the first place holder is Mario Kart Wii.

A New Super Mario Bros Wii happy new year sketch

A New Super Mario Bros Wii art sketch the text on the image roughly translates to Please enjoy playing multiplayer in 2010


Videos: Trailers, Commercials & Gameplay


New Super Mario Bros Wii official trailer from E3



A commercial advertising the 4 player mode of the game



A TV commercial advertising family fun in New Super Mario Bros. Wii



A general TV advertisement for New Super Mario Bros Wii



Mentions in later games


  • Alleyway: The design for Ice Mario strikes an uncanny resemblance to an appearance he made in the game Alleyway’s cover art.

  • Donkey Kong: In some of the stages in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, we can see Broozer throw out barrels at Mario in a similar fashion to Donkey Kong.

  • Mario Bros.: The earthshaking block, POW block, makes a return appearance in this game, and is used the same way it was used before, to shake the ground and sometimes make things flip and drop. It can be carried and thrown to the ground, just like in Super Mario Bros. 2. There is an arena in Coin Battle the takes the look of the arena in Mario Bros.

  • Super Mario Bros.: There is a secret tune in the game that will give you the Level Clear music from the original Super Mario Bros game, and if you are familiar with the game, you will also recognize the fireworks at the end of the levels, which was also taken from the aforementioned game. One of the most famous of all the tunes in Mario history, which is the overworld theme from Super Mario Bros, also can be heard in the staff roll of the New Super Mario Bros Wii. A few levels after the start of the game, a Toad will announce a letter sent by Bowser Jr. stating that he told his henchmen to take every Toad they can find and put them in ?blocks, which is said to reference the Super Mario Bros instruction manual, which says that Bowser turned the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom (Toads) into ? blocks. You may also notice that the castle of Roy Koopa will have a corridor with 3 paths, and only one of them will let you progress, which is a homage to levels 4-4, 7-4, and 8-4 of Super Mario Bros. Also in Coin Battle, one of the levels that looks like World 1-1 appears.

  • Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels: The World 2-4 also features wind.

  • Super Mario Bros. 2: The characters in the Wii game have the ability to pick up, carry, and throw different items that they come across in the game, an ability that has been carried over from the Super Mario Bros. 2 game. Also, this is also the first game after Super Mario Bros. 2 to have Toad as one of the available playable characters.

  • Super Mario Bros. 3: The power up, Penguin Suit, is actually based off of the suits from this game. The theme played when battling Koopalings has been remixed and brought back to the Wii, as this is the same music played while fighting the Koopalings. Along with the Koopalings theme, the Airship theme is also covered and is the same theme that plays while you are on the Airship. The Fortresses’ design has also been influenced by the sprites of this game. The game picks up the Enemy Courses that was introduced in Super Mario Bros. 3, and the Wii game pays homage to it by playing the same music in its Enemy Courses. In addition, the item inventory makes a return, and can be used only when the player is in the World map, same as before. The Koopaling also retain their own fighting arenas that they used back in Super Mario Bros. 3.

  • Super Mario World: Players of this game might find the doors in New Super Mario Bros Wii’s fortresses might find them familiar, as they have the same design. Yoshi makes a return in the Wii game with the same sound that he makes when you mount him and also takes in the same music used from his first game. Some of the music from the castles of Super Mario World can be heard in the Wii game’s castle levels. The music played when invincibility from the Star powerup is the same music that plays when an activated P-switch is about to end. The Wii’s World 9 should be familiar to those who have played Super Mario World’s Star and Special Worlds because they have similar features. Super Mario World is the first Mario game in the series that put in checkpoints (in the form of gates) and if a small Mario got to a checkpoint, he transforms to big Mario, as if he got a mushroom, this was carried over to New Super Mario Bros. Wii, except the checkpoints are now flags.

  • Mario Kart Series: The 9th world is a bit similar to the track Rainbow Road.

  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island: In the games last boss, Kamek is seen flying around the boss area and will use magic on Baby Bowser, this is similar to the New Super Mario Bros. Wii’s final boss scene. If playing on multiplayer, a character who dies or presses the A button while other players are still alive will be put in a bubble, similar to baby Mario in Yoshi’s Island when Yoshi takes damage.

  • Donkey Kong Country: Mario and the gang can use Yoshi’s only on specific stages and levels and the Yoshi’s will be left behind at the end of the level, this is the same mechanic with the Donkey Kong Country’s animal buddies and is clearly taken from that game.

  • Super Mario 64: the level named “Inside the Castle Walls” is a level that is played inside the castle of Princess Peach. When you lose the Powerup Panel minigame, the short melody that can be heard is the same tune that plays when you try to enter a door that is locked in Super Mario 64.

  • Mario Kart 64: Around thirty seconds, if you are playing the level Rainbow Path, theme from Mario Kart 64’s Rainbow Road will be heard.

  • New Super Mario Bros.: This is the prequel to the Wii game, and many of the music heard in the Wii game are remixes or covers of the one from the DS game, most notably the tune that plays when you clear a level.

  • Yoshi’s Island DS: Kamek will once again use magic on Bowser to turn him into a Giant.

  • Mario Kart Wii: The same icons that are in New Super Mario Bros. Wii is used as their respective icons in Mario Kart Wii.

Interesting Facts


  • Four player side scrolling fun!

  • Propeller suit added

  • New power-ups Penguin suit and Propeller suit makes their debut appearances

  • First previews of New Super Mario Bros. Wii was at E3 2009

  • Enemies and powerups sometimes move to the beat of the soundtrack - could this be a reference to how the Goombas moved to the music in Mario Bros. The Movie?

  • Upon completion of a level if the last two numbers of the timelimit are the same (ie it ends in 22) then the original SMB Soundtrack plays

  • Character appearances from Dorrie and Sushi last seen in Super Mario 64 (and its DS version)

  • When a player has collected all the Star coins from all the different worlds and beats the end boss nothing will say 'new' in the end credits

  • As the credits are scrolling if the player presses letters in the credits sounds will play, each letter makes a different sound.

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