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Nintendo Adventure Book 5 - Pipe Down

Nintendo Adventure Book 5 - Pipe Down Header




Pipe Down was written by Clyde Bosco and was the fifth of twelve in the Nintendo Adventure Books series - first published on 5th of November 1992 by Mammoth Books in the U.K and Simon & Schuster, a division of Pocket Books in the U.S.


Plot Synopsis

Something Sinister is Afoot

When Princess Toadstool tries on a new pair of red hightopped sneakers, the shoes suddenly dash from the room with the Princess still in them. Her highness has been kidnapped by Ludwig von Koopa to star in his basketball ballet. Unless Mario and Luigi rescue the Princess, she will be doomed to a life of dribbles and dunks.

As in all Nintendo Adventure Books, you control the action. Only you can make the choices that allow Mario and Luigi to outplay Ludwig von Koopa and rescue the Princess. Help them crack codes, solve puzzles, conquer mazes, and subdue enemies. You and the Mario Bros. must outwit the Koopas at their own game-or go down in final defeat!


[Source: The books back cover.]


The Scoring System

At the end of each Nintendo Adventure Book there is a scoring chart - in Pipe Down! the scoring system worked as below


  • 3601+ points - "Supercharged Koopa-Catching Power Plumber"
  • Between 3001 and 3600 points - "High Pressure Sewer Stormer"
  • Between 2501 and 3000 points - "Low Pressure Pipe Patcher"
  • Between 1501 and 2000 points - "Puddle Patroller"
  • 1500 points or below - Junior Drip Skipper


Puzzles in this book


Mario series characters featured in Pipe Down!

  • Good: Luigi, Mario, The Mushroom King, Wooster (The Mushroom Kings adviser)
  • Bad: Ludwig Von Koopa and  Tricylde supported by their minions; Clawgrip, Cheep-Cheep, Hammer Bro, Hoopster, Koopa Troopa, Kumo, Muncher, Piranha Plant, Shy Guy and Tweeter
  • Other: Ashby, Count Morelli, Duchess Puffball, Justin, Queen Shiitake, Scott and Todd

Images from Pipe Down!



  • ISBN-10: 0749713062
  • ISBN-13: 978-0749713065

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