Nintendo team up with Norwegian Cruise Line
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Nintendo and Norwegian Cruise Line have announced the expansion of their partnership by adding the Wii U to their fleet. This is exciting news for gamers all around as they can take part in various competitions whilst onboard Norwegian Cruise ships on the new HD Wii U systems, aswell as playing the latest video games in the kids clubs and atriums.

Nintendo and Norwegian first teamed up in March 2007 when the Wii was added to all of their ships. This has been a huge success with the 'Freestyle Cruise Liner' and led to the introduction of the Wii U. This will take gaming to a whole new level as you sail to your destination - action and adventure as you have never seen before with high definitions graphics bringing the game to life. There's something for the whole family, whether its sports or puzzles that is your guilty pleasure.


Wii U systems on cruise ships

Popular games that you will soon find onboard are; The Legend of Zelda™, The Wind Waker HD, New Super Luigi U™, which features Mario's green-clad brother; Pikmin™ 3, and The Wonderful 101. And not to forget the re-release of one of the most epic Nintendo games of all time; Super Mario™ 3D World, with the first multiplayer 3D Mario game for Wii U.

You will see your favourite Nintendo characters as you have never seen them before on the Wii U in HD. Play your favourite game enhanced on the TV, aswell as a second touch screen on the new Wii U game pad controller. For multiplayer games, other players will need to use the traditional controllers we have become use to. This allows players to experience the game in different ways and choose which controllers they prefer. Multiplayer games are ideal on Norwegian Cruises, as playing parties are very popular onboard their ships. Norwegian's Vice President of entertainment - Richard Ambrose has quoted - . "The new Wii U systems are guaranteed to take gaming on board to the next level, and will surely be a hit." And I couldn't agree more - the next generation of gaming is here with the old school games moving along with the times.

Wii U allows social interactions with others - whether its your friends and family or making new friends on holiday. Its always fun to battle with someone else and share the experience of completing a new level or unlocking a secret item.

Whether your an experienced gamer, first time cruiser or a mix of both, be sure to check out Norwegian Cruise Line at, for details on their itineraries and for a new gaming experience at sea.

Written by Michelle Turley

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