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You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Punch Out! NES


Defeating Piston Honda
Use the following trick during the second fight with Piston Honda to win with one punch. Dodge his punches but do not hit back. When he starts his Piston Punch move, hit him in the stomach just as during the match with him. If timed correctly, he will lose.

Regain health
Press Select at the screen that appears before a round begins. Doc will help you recover health faster.


Unlock Alternate World Circuit
Enter 135-792-4680 as a password, then press A + B + Select to change the fighter order in the World Circuit.


Unlock Mr. Dream
Enter 007-373-5963 as a password.

Unlock Super Macho Man
Enter 940-861-8538 as a password.

Unlock Major Circuit
Enter 005-737-5423 as a password to advance past the Minor Circuit fighters.

Unlock World Circuit
Enter 777-807-3454 as a password.

View credits
Enter 106-113-0120 as a password, then press A + B + Select.


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