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David Ehrman & Sean Roche


Episode 24 - Recycled Koopa

The trash is really starting to pile up at Castle Koopa and King Koopa demands the Koopalings do something about it. They end up just dumping everything down a warp zone, which causes the Mushroom Kingdom to become a massive dump. Hip's magic wand allows Mario to make a quick return however. Unfortunately, all that accomplishes is the Koopalings trying another warp zone. On the other side, Mario and Luigi find the real world and specifically Brooklyn being turned into a dump.

They try to clean things up, but the trash mutates the people of Brooklyn into King Koopa look-alikes and his willing slaves. An army of Koopa followers around them is bad enough, but Mario is also mutating. Can the day be saved when Luigi has to fend off his own brother?


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