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First Aired
23rd October 1989
Written by
Jack Olesker
Guest Stars
Brian Bonsall (Himself)

Episode 29 - Koopa Klaus

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King Koopa sets out to make Christmas unmerry and tries to ruin it for everyone by planning to freeze Santa and his workshop. Mario and friends were on their way to Hawaii but took a wrong turn and fortunately end up near the North Pole. They decide they will visit Santa Claus while their there as its nearly Christmas.


Princess gives Toad his Christmas present he's wanted for ages which is a snow board. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its Koopa-Klaus flying high above them. The Mario's and friends are too late Koopa-Klaus has already succeeded in his plan. However Toads offer of giving up his Christmas present spreads some warmth and everything thaws out! Christmas and Santa have been saved!


Little Mario's (Live Action Sketch)

Brian visits the Mario's as he's ran away from home. Mario and Luigi now must convince Brian not to run away by telling him some of their childhood stories over a pizza.


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