Super Mario Bros. Super Show Episode 8: Love 'Em and Leave 'Em Episode Guide
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First Aired
14th September 1989
Written by
Sean Roche, David Ehrman
Guest Stars
Fred Travalena (Elvis)


Super Mario Bros. Super Show Cartoon Episode 08 - Love 'Em & Leave 'Em

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Mario is initially dressed as Elvis Presley… you know… you’ve seen Lilo and Stitch? Mario carries on singing until Luigi too sings… as Elvis! We learn there is an impersonators contest and the brothers each will enter convinced they are KING until another Elvis walks through the door. Uh oh… is he even Italian?

The cartoon segment commences. “Love ‘em and Leave ‘em” Plumber’s log #10511 and queen rotunda. This cartoon is distinctly different from any former within the series as Koopa and his minions are missing from the scene. The Queen is introduced to us as a passion potion seeking person speaking to a witch name Hilde who is laboriously preparing a concoction. The brothers seemingly stumble upon hot peppers free to absolutely anyone?! Only to discover… they are foraging royal peppers! Because the queen owns everything, and seeks dungeon prisoners, the group of gaming icons is now in trouble. They run into a maze and beezo knights finally catch them.

Prisoners caught stealing food, there is no apparent greater offense… a woman after the brothers heart?!

She orders their heads off. (Do ya think she would eat ‘em?)

Mario suggests hot pepper pistachio ice-cream. He bides their collective time in preparing the dessert and when the woman tastes the cold creation and cannot handle the heat Mario gives her a love potion. Because she guzzles down the potion and then views Mario she falls in love with him. “The chubby prince charming is going to be my husband.”
Mario is a prisoner of love and his robust bride desires a slimmer plumber.

Meanwhile, because the other characters need some screen time, the Princess pretends her friends escaped and a guard is misguided to the point that they are able to actually escape. Mario too tries to escape and fails to evade the overzealous plus-sized love of the queen. The Princess suggests a secondary potion so that the queen may fall in love with a different person; thus, Mario aptly arranges Prince Pompadour and the Queen’s love!

Three Elvis’ greet us within the live action world of Mario. Luigi and Mario practice their impressions until Elvis leaves the basement.
Within this episode we learn to fight beheading with potential bedding…? Also, when too much love is too much… just create more love elsewhere?!

Thank you… thank you very much!


Trivia & Bloopers

  • The spots on Toad's cap turn black intermittently throughout the episode

  • At one point Luigi is actually wearing Mario's cap

  • Multiple objects disappear and reappear throughout the course of the episode


  • Danny Wells voicing Luigi

  • Greg Morton voicing Prince Pompadour

  • Lou Albano voicing Mario

  • Jeannie Elias voicing Princess Toadstool and the Servant

  • John Stocker voicing Toad and the first two Beezo's

  • Marla Lufofsky voicing Queen Rotunda

  • Marilyn Lightstone voicing Peasant Lady

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Will the Real Elvis Please Shut up (Live Action Sketch)

The Mario and Luigi are doing Elvis impersonations and the King himself shows up to give them a few tips.


Images from this Live Action Sketch


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