Super Mario Bros. Super Show Episode 7: Mario and the Beanstalk Episode Guide
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First Aired
13th September 1989

Written By
George Atkins

Guest Stars
Jim Ward (Zoltan Dracula)


Super Mario Bros. Super Show Cartoon Episode 07 - Mario & The Beanstalk

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The brothers have an exchange student on their way and Dracula from Transylvania is the guest. Transylvania? A recurring location theme from just two episodes ago! Dracula sends himself to the plumbers in a coffin.

The cartoon: Mario and the Beanstalk

Plumbers log #442
The princess needed 100 gold coins by the morning or an orphanage would be closed down. She has hawked her jewels and mortgaged her cottage so she appears out of options for acquiring the adequate funds for saving the orphanage. The royal cow was handed to the brothers and they were to sell her. Instead they do the sensible thing trading the cow for garbanzo bean seeds.

The princess is allergic to the seeds and quite displeased so she sneezes them out of the cottage. Toad plans to negotiate with the salesman when they realize the seeds have turned to a giant plant. The brothers want to pick the beans for cash and they climb to a door where the group discovers a giant’s quarters and who is the giant but… KING KOOPA?! He has intentions of cooking the crew within a stew. They try… and fail to escape until they run into a room with a mountain of money. A goose laying golden coins is creating the money mountain. This goose wants out and Mario helps by bending the bars in the cage. (if they aren’t saving one bird they are saving another?!) The helpful goose informs the group of an exit stratagem. Oh yes, somehow tiny Peach is not allergic to the legumes as she handles them to defeat the minions the king sent. There is a downpour of coins and Koopa shrinks vowing to return bigger than ever.

So, from this animated segment we may learn to cure our allergies we need to be shrunk?

The men are back from animated forms to discuss roommate Dracula, and how to rid themselves of the fellow. Dracula informs them of direct communication!

So from this live action segment we may take away the lesson that… vampires teach us things about direct communication! Those undead are such great communicators… what would garlic have to say of that?


Trivia & Bloopers

  • This episode is a direct parody of the class story Jack and The Beanstalk.

  • In the official episode synopsis for "Mario and the Beanstalk" the writers referred to King Koopa as "Giant Koopa" even though he is never called that in the episode.


  • Danny Wells voicing Luigi

  • Lou Albano voicing Mario

  • Harvey Atkin voicing King Bowser Koopa, Dealin' Delbert

  • Jeannie Elias voicing the Goose & Princess Toadstool

  • John Stocker voicing Toad


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Bat's in the Basement (Live Action Sketch)

The Mario's can't seem to figure out that their current house guest is a vampire.


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