Mario Meets Koopzilla Episode Guide
SMB Super Show
General information

First Aired
19th October 1989

Written by
Perry Martin

Guest Stars
Kaye Ballard (Madame Agogo)

Episode 28 - Mario Meets Koopzilla

Mario and friends go to the oriental city of Saionara in search of the secret weapon of super sushi which doubles you in size and strength when eaten. Theres a loud bang which appears as though its an earthquake but unfortunately its Koop-Zilla! After eating super sushi Koop-Zilla is now destroying the city.

Its up to the Mario's and friends to help save the city of Saionara so they visit Dr T Garden, the inventor of super sushi, for help. As the Mario's plan to trap Koop-Zilla fails Dr T Garden prepares Mario his own Batch of Super Sushi so he can defeat Koop-Zilla! As supersize Mario and Koopa battle it out the others sneak up on Koopa with a huge needle which is an antidote and puts him back to his normal size.


Fortune Teller (Live Action Sketch)

Mario and Luigi want to enter a celebrity competition with the top 3 winners having great prizes. They call a fortune teller who visits looking into her crystal ball to tell the brothers their fate in the competition.


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