Star Koopa Episode Guide
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First Aired
29th November 1989
Written by
Phil Harnage
Guest Stars
Kort Falkenberg (Nick)

Episode 51 - Star Koopa

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Mario and friends are on their way to protect a Mushroom space colony but end up being caught by Darth Koopa's ship, the Koop Star. They fight off some of the Stormtroopas, followed by Koopa himself but Koopa ends up freezing them. After having them thawed out he gives Princess two options to either tell the colonists to surrender, or have their planet destroyed with his Birdo Ray. When Princess refuses to give up the Birdo Ray is set to fire in thirty minutes. Mario and friends get dropped into the Koop Star's trash compactor. Will Mario and friends save the day?


Santa Claus is coming to Flatbush (Live Action Sketch)

Santa Claus comes by during Christmas time as he needs to use the Mario's phone to call for help. The Mario's don't seem recognize Santa Claus!


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