The Trojan Koopa Episode Guide
SMB Super Show
General information

First Aired
02nd November 1989
Written by
Mark McCorkle, Bob Schooley
Guest Stars
Norman Fell (Ted Bull)

Episode 36 - The Trojan Koopa

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King Koopa has kidnapped Princess! The Mario's and Toad must try to rescue her, failing numerous times. Mario realizes that Koopa's weakness is his ego, so they use a Trojan Koopa (instead of a horse) to break into his fortress. It all doesn't go as planned as they find themselves surrounded by Koopa's guards.


Texas Tea (Live Action Sketch)

The Mario brothers strike oil and come to the conclusion that they'll become millionares.

No image is available for Texas Tea Live Action sketch as yet, if you have some images from this please do mail them to us.


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