Super Mario 3D World
Super Mario 3D World


Super Mario 3D World title screen


Release dates

Australia November 30, 2013
Europe November 29, 2013
Japan November 22, 2013
N.America November 22, 2013


General information

Platform: Wii U

Developed by Nintendo EAD

Published by Nintendo

Players: Single-player, Multi-player




The sequel to Super Mario 3D Land hits the Nintendo Wii U, allowing up to four players to play co-operatively through the "single player" (or the mario adventure levels that would normally be considered single player) or they can compete against each other. Playable characters include Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad.


Features & Trivia

  • Some physical traits have been taken from the Super Mario Bros. 2 (Doki Doki Panic version, not the lost levels) in terms of the gameplay of the characters, for example Princess Peach can float along in the air, Luigi can jump higher than Mario etc.

  • A new powerup in the form of Cat Suit is introduced; it allows players to run and pounce on enemies like a cat would. The claws of the cat suit also enable players to grip onto walls and goal poles and climb up them. Whatever will they think of next.

  • More intricate puzzles in more vivid than ever high definition 3D environments. New parts of the puzzle include things like conveyor belts going upward and see through pipes amongst other things.

  • The new technology of the Wii U touch screen game pad is harnessed to add additional play features, the touch screen can be used to help search for hidden blocks or even to freeze you're foes in place!

  • The game is essentially a classic Mario platform adventure game but has been put into 3D much in the way that Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy were.

  • When you lose a life, the tune that plays is from Super Mario Bros. 3, additional features from Super Mario Bros. 3 include the Super Leaf and Tanooki Suit.

  • This will be the first time in a Mario adventure game where both Princess Peach and Toad can both be played.

  • For the first time since Super Mario World, Chargin' Chuck is back.

Super Mario 3D World scenery and characters

Art scene from Super Mario 3D World showing some of the new features such as the transparent pipes and Cat Suits power ups.



 The first look trailer from E3 2013 demonstrating the gameplay in Super Mario 3D World



The next trailer for Super Mario 3D World, released October 2013 gave a lot more detail into the games powerups and features.


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