Super Mario Advance 2 Cheats & Tips (Game Boy Advance)


Super Mario Advance 2 (GameBoy Advance) - Cheats & Tips

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Alternate Yoshi Colours

Use the following trick to get yellow, blue, red Yoshi's in levels other than Star World. Get to the Star World and get one of the Yoshi's. You will now be able to get those types of Yoshi's in other worlds, and they are fully grown. (Note :- This does not always work and sometimes you will still get a green Yoshi).


Easy Mode

Press Select at the Main title screen for an easier game.


Ending Bonuses

Successfully complete all 96 goals to get another colour scheme for the World Map, alternate enemies, a new introduction sequence featuring Yoshi, and other changes. You will also be able to start at any location on the map. Press Select at the Main screen, then select a level at the Status screen. Press A to start at that level instead of moving to it on the map.


High Jump

Jump with Yoshi by pressing A, then at the peak of your jump press R.


In-game Reset

Hold Start + Select + A + B during game play.


Peach Coins (by coldkiller)
To unlock peach coins you must find all Dragon coins (Yoshi coins) in every level even castle and forts except Bowsers. Once you find all the coins
there will be a short cut movie then all the dragon coins have peach's face on it. This doesn't do anything, but it is interesting to look at.


Play as Luigi

Press R at the World Map.


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