Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island Review by NHatters
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Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island Review

This game is an absolutely great port from the Super Nintendo to the Gameboy Advance. This game can entertain anyone who has played it before or anyone who has not.

The graphics are completely amazing and mesmerizing. Most of the animation runs smoothly and is barely ever choppy. Only certain areas have slow downs, but the graphics are always three dimensional and looks great.

Sounds and Music-10/10
The music always matches the mood of the level. It can be creepy to let you know that danger is lurking around, and cheery when Yoshi is all hopping around. The sounds have a certain classic feel to it.

Story Line-10/10
I will not spoil anything about the game, but I will say the story line is never confusing in the game and works out perfectly.

The controls works out perfectly on the Gameboy Advance. You never have to reach in any awkward position to try to get to any buttons. Any of the moves can easily be performed.

The difficulty of the game increases as the game progresses. It starts out easy enough, so you can learn all of the basic movements. Then it gets harder and harder so the game does not become too easy.

Replay Value-9/10
This game definitely has a whole lot of replay value to it. Once you beat it, you can always play it again and again without getting bored quickly.

Yoshi and Baby Mario being chased by Toadies

Rent or Buy-Buy
This game is a definite buy for Yoshi and Mario's fans.
Even if you are not a fan, you will still enjoy this game.
It has enough to captivate hard core gamers to anyone looking for a great game.

-On certain levels, the graphics gets choppy whenever there it too much action on the screen. That also sometimes gives slight slow downs in the game.
-The sounds could have been louder to make this game even better.
-It is the exact same game as the Super Nintendo version.

-It is the exact same game as the Super Nintendo version.
-Easy control.
-Great music.
-Lots of excitement.
-Great game for a cheap price.
-A lot of replay value.
-Does not use a password save.
-It is an excellent game!!!

This game is just plain great. There is not many things bad about it, but there is a whole lot of good things about it.
Everything works out perfectly together to make an awesome game for gamers of all types. It is also a great game for any age groups.Yoshi and Baby Mario

This game also comes with an extra game on the cartridge. It is a totally different game and is and all time classic for Mario's fans. So it is like getting two games for one.

So what are you all waiting for, go out and get it!!!

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