Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island Review by StingX
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Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island Review

The not so classic sequel to the great Mario world. Although not as well known its still a great game. i never found a copy of this on the snes and emulated it 3 times getting up to world 3,4, and 5 on each of my respective tries. Finally getting this game in my hands on the GBA has been amazing. Its truly a beautiful game with its cartoony look and pulls it off well. In full I enjoyed this game and although the bosses were very easy (besides baby Bowser), they were a blast to fight (Especially Spiked Red Nose).

The story of Yoshi's island is simple. The stork is delivering the Mario twins to their parents when kameks forces try and stop him from delivering the heroes. They nab the stork and Luigi but Mario and the storks map fall to Yoshis island. Yoshi discovers the baby on his back and somehow feels this baby has a twin and Baby Mario wants Yoshi to take him there. I never knew Yoshi was psychic. So Yoshi talks to his um...fellow Yoshi's and they decide to do shifts on the way to the castle, as long as Green Yoshi gets all the credit. Sounds like a plan!

Extras are here in addition to the bonuses and extra levels that have always been really hard there are 6 brand new levels called secret. These levels seem to be either a quick jumping level or going back to a puzzle level.

Yoshi and Baby Mario in a grim situation when they encounter a Blargg

The controls are pretty shot at times but for the most part it will do what you ask, although a simple accidental hit of R seems to screw you up badly, a lot.

The music really repeats being there's so few tracks but that's always been the case with Mario, except in this title it gets very annoying. Though the boss music and dungeon music is a blast to listen too.

AHHH the minigames, yes they are very annoying. Most of the regular bonuses are just plain boring. Flipping cards gets annoying because kamek will constantly boot you away from your winnings. Then there's the always annoying slot machine type games or the also annoying scratch and match lotto clones. Its a blessing there's a good mini game or two though. If you track a key down and open a mini-game house you can play bandit in balloon throwing which is a Simon says clone mixed with hot potato. You can have a watermelon seed contest where you and bandit blow each other to bits in this actually fun shootout. Popping balloons is fun sometimes as you try and ground pound (butt smash) balloons to find the star and win. Finally the best game available is Gathering coins. You battle and knock each other around trying to grab the most coins that are shot out of a cannon. I say if it weren't for these mini-games with bandit they would truly suck.

Replay value is high in this game if you like platformers as you can just play this game over and over as a platformer like his has a lot of replay value while its not as much as say Mario world. Its definitely more than Mario 2 (Mario advance)

All in all the game is short if you've played it once before at any point but otherwise it will keep you interested even though it is pretty easy.

Gameplay:10/10 Sky Blue Yoshi throwing eggs
Sound Effects:10/10
Replay Value:9/10


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