Super Mario Advance 4 Review by EvilHeartBurnMan
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Super Mario Advance 4 Review

I remember back when I got this on the NES. I think I was about 6 or 7 years old. I was totally buggin' out! They had reverted back to the ol' mushrooms and goombas from SMB1. And with the leaf, the Frog suit, the Tanooki, the Mushroom huts and minigames all over the place, it was instant hookage. I still enjoyed myself with it on All stars, which I sadly parted with a few years back when I sold my SNES so I could afford some games on my new PS2.

I was excited about the Super Mario Advance remakes, but I was worried when they went from SMB2, which IMO, was great but plain weird, to SMW, then SMW2. Then around last week or so when I saw the TV ads for Advance 4, I was freakin' out! This has got to me one of my all-time favorites. Not favorite Marios, I mean favorite GAMES.

Gameplay/Extras- 10/10
Everything from the SNES version is here, with more. You can now play as Mario/Luigi alternating through the levels. And share your lives between the 2 characters, which is handy. The game also comes with 2 e-reader cards, an extra level and an item. Not quite sure how that works since I have better things to spend my money on than an e-reader, and last time I checked, the e-reader was floppin' like a goldfish out of his bowl. So chances are you dont care either. One note; Luigi doesn't hover quite like he does in the other Advance remakes. I guess because the leaf?

Sound- 7/10
Well, not everything is perfect. The quality definetly isn't as good as the original. Especially the cave music. Sounds like some amateur playing his lousy bass, recorded on a tape, then that tape held up to a microphone. But really, its a Game Boy. And your having too much fun with it to really care.

Replayability- 10/10
Like I said up there, this has gotta be in my top 10 games. I played this game so many times, over and over again. And I'm still having a blast on the Game Boy. Not many games can do this.

Overall- 10/10 Boom Boom, he guards fortresses in Super Mario Advance 4
Aside from the sounds in this remake, there should be nothing stopping you from buying this. It's a classic. You really shouldnt have to read a review to help you decide. You know its great. Everyone that can call themself a gamer should have played it back in the day. So get out there. a $25-$30 well spent!

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